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Ruger Redhawk For Sale - Buy Ruger Redhawk

Whether it is hunting for trophies or to put food on the table, there are few tests better for a shooter than taking down some game. In the times before guns, bows were commonly the tool that people relied on, requiring that they often get closer to their prey. With the development of more advanced rifles, today’s hunters are able to shoot from farther and farther away, allowing them to often take out game hundreds of meters away. Of course, some hunters prefer the challenge of getting closer to their prey, which is why they might look for a big-bore handgun to do the trick. While there are a great many to choose from today, selecting the right hunting weapon can be an important decision. Some of these big-bore handguns are designed specifically with hunting in mind, making them an exceptional choice. When you decide that it is a revolver you are after, you won’t find many more ready to deliver than the Ruger Redhawk. Designed with the most advanced features and offering a variety of calibers to keep you on target, this exceptional firearm is sure to help you catch whatever it is you are after.

Learn About the Ruger Redhawk

Offering the choice between a classic hardwood or recoil-reducing Hogue Monogrip, the Ruger Redhawk was designed to ensure anyone could get what they are after. Its trigger relies on a single spring mechanism, which provides a light and crisp pull. To ensure the most reliable operation, it uses a triple-locking system, which secures it in the front, rear, and bottom for the best cylinder alignment. Your accuracy is further supported by colored front sights as well as adjustable rear sights, which features a white outline to keep you on target. Thanks to its rugged stainless steel construction, it was designed to handle use in the field while firing those heavy magnum loads. More importantly, the patented transfer bar mechanism ensures that you avoid accidental discharge as you go about your business.

Product Features and Specs

The standard Redhawk comes chambered in .44 Rem Mag and features a 7.5” barrel. This barrel offers 6 grooves and uses a 1:20 right hand twist to achieve accurate results. Overall, it measures 13” long and weighs 54 ounces. While the longer barrel might be great for hunting, perhaps you want something shorter, which is why you can also choose a 5.5” option. This one measures 11” overall and weighs 49 ounces. For even more portability, the 4.2” barrel model measures 9.5” long and weighs 47 ounces. If you want a backup hunting weapon, you might opt for the 2.75” model instead, which measures 8.25” overall and weighs only 44 ounces. Alternatively, you can get a 4.2” model with a 1:16 right hand twist ready to fire .45 Colt and weighing 46 ounces. Finally, they also provide a .41 Rem Mag option, which uses a 4.2” barrel, measures 9.5” long overall, and weighs in at 48 ounces. Any of the models chambered in .44 Mag will also accept .44 Special cartridges, ensuring that you have some options when you practice at the range.

Get the Right Redhawk

In addition to the standard Redhawk revolver, which is already offered in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths, we are also proud to offer the Super Redhawk for sale at Omaha Outdoors. The Standard Super model comes with an even wider assortment of calibers, including the powerful .44 Rem Mag, .454 Casull, and the .480 Ruger. Its barrel lengths includes 5”, 7.5”, and 9.5”. Alternatively, the Alaskan sub-model is designed in the same calibers, but uses only a 2.5” barrel, making it a great carry option for those in the wilds of Alaska. At Omaha Outdoors, you can get any of these Ruger Redhawk models from the convenience of your own home. Rather than worrying about whether your local dealer has it in stock, you can trust us to deliver quality service each time. If you have any questions, pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, enjoy your new revolver and keep on shooting.


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