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Purple Rugers For Sale – Buy Ruger Purple Teal Guns Online

Though Ruger offers some phenomenal options for the modern shooter, the one department it falls short in is the color selection. So, what do you do when you decide you want to get a gun finished in purple? If you are looking to get a purple Ruger, the best way is to have it custom-finished right here at Omaha Outdoors.

Get Any Ruger Model Done

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry a wide selection of different Ruger models already cerakoted, making it easier to find what you need. Perhaps the most popular ones we have found are the LC9s, which work very well for these purposes. We also work with other LC models like the LCP, LC9, and, of course, we can do SR models, too. Beyond these pre-coated models, you can also ask about our cerakoting services. Since we employ certified professionals, you can request a custom job and just pay for shipping, handling, and the cost of the cerakote.

Popular Reasons to Cerakote Your Gun

Naturally, the most popular reason that people choose to get any sort of finish on their weapon is for the unique color. In the case of purple, you might just be looking for a special coat to help distinguish it or perhaps your wife or girlfriend really loves the color purple and you figure it is a good way to get her more interested in shooting. Of course, a cerakote is set aside from other weapon finishes for more than just the quality of the color. Offering a unique, ceramic finish, these coats are known to provide a longer lifespan than your traditional options and also offers some additional benefits. Perhaps most notably, they help to protect your gun from the elements, forming a barrier against environmental conditions and ensuring it stays free from corrosion. Additionally, it offers a very hard finish, giving polymer weapons a more substantial feel and adding a certain level of toughness.

Omaha Outdoors Provides Top Quality Services

While there are a variety of companies out there now that offer this type of weapon finish, Omaha Outdoors goes above and beyond to make sure that you always get the quality you deserve. Each of our technicians is certified to apply this coating and after it is done the weapon is function tested to ensure that everything still works properly. From there, we ship the gun with a 12 month workmanship warranty, protecting you from any defects that there might be in the cerakote. So, whatever you are looking for, now is a great time to pick up a purple Ruger right here at Omaha Outdoors. If you see what you want, simply place your order online. If not, please give us a call and we will make sure that you are taken care of. Our number one goal is always to give you the best service and that starts right now.

Purple Rugers For Sale


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