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Pink Rugers For Sale – Buy Ruger Pink Teal Guns Online

If you are really fortunate, you might have a wife or girlfriend who is already interested in shooting. Unfortunately, this is often not the case today. Rather than look for ways to incentivize her, perhaps the best place to start is actually by reaching her with her favorite color. With that in mind, Omaha Outdoors works to deliver a variety of Ruger models cerakoted in pink.

Get Any Ruger Model Done

Since we carry a wide variety of models right here online, there has never been an easier way to start with a specially coated Ruger. Our selection includes popular carry models like the LCP and LC9s, as well as full-size models like many of the SR series. Of course, our pre-coated models are not the only option you have access to. Here at Omaha Outdoors, we employ certified cerakoting experts, which means we are able to offer more personalized experiences. So, if you have a Ruger you want to get finished after the fact, all you have to do is ship it to us to work on. This way, you don’t need to purchase an entirely new gun.

What Makes a Cerakote Special?

But, what exactly makes a cerakote so special? Unlike most weapon finishes you might find out there today, this ceramic coating is actually designed to enhance your weapon. It provides a barrier against the outside elements, effectively improving your gun’s ability to stand up to corrosion and other damaging factors. Beyond this, it is also very hard and built to stand up to normal wear and tear without fading away. Of course, the biggest reason people look for cerakoting services is to make sure they have a unique weapon that they will be proud to own. In the case of one of these pink Ruger models, you can easily shotbuy your wife or girlfriend a gun that she will be more interested in using.

Done In-House by Omaha Outdoors

As mentioned above, all of the cerakote work you order at Omaha Outdoors is done in-house by certified professionals. This helps us to ensure the absolute best quality and also allows us to offer you some of the best service available today. More than this, we set ourselves apart by providing a wide selection of colors beyond just this beautiful pink finish. After the coat is applied, our experts function test the weapon to make sure everything works perfectly. From there, we ship the firearm with our 12 month workmanship warranty, which will gives you peace of mind and ensures it will survive normal wear and tear. Beyond our high quality work, ordering through Omaha Outdoors also ensures that you get some of the best service and fastest shipping in the industry today. So, when it comes time to get a pink Ruger to impress that special someone in your life, remember there is only one place you can trust for the best quality.

Pink Rugers For Sale


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