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In today’s modern world of shooting, there are plenty of firearms for someone to choose from. Many of these guns were designed for very specific purposes, with some offering the ideal frame for home defense and others built specifically for concealed carry. Among the concealed carry weapons, the semi-auto pistol has taken over as the dominate force. Before you decide to just go with the crowd though, you might want to consider all of your options. Of course, the main reason the semi-auto pistol has taken over the handgun marketplace is because it offers a much higher magazine capacity than your typical revolver. On the other hand, a revolver can be fired easily in a variety of situations and for concealed carry, it can pack just as much punch. While others might be happy carrying their semi-auto pistols, you want something a bit more discrete to take with you. Designed to offer a small frame for easy concealment and ready to deliver powerful P+ rounds to make sure you can handle whatever comes your way, this Ruger LCR is just the type of weapon you need in the urban jungle.

Concealing the Ruger LCR

Everything about the LCR was designed to make sure that you could easily carry the weapon with you through the urban jungle. The first feature you might notice is the hammerless design, which effectively prevents snagging on your clothes. Its patented, friction reducing cam helps to achieve a smooth trigger pull that allows for easy follow-up shots. Using an aerospace aluminum frame and polymer fire control housing, it achieves a super lightweight while the stainless steel cylinder is more than able to stand up to the stress of regular use.

Performance Features of the LCR

The standard Ruger LCR comes chambered in .38 Special and is rated to handle P+ ammunition. It uses a 1.87” barrel with 6 grooves and a 1:16 right hand twist. Overall, it measures out to be 4.5” tall and 6.5” long, making it very easy to conceal. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it weighs in at 13.5 ounces. When you want a weapon to train with for a lower cost, the .22LR model has the same dimensions, but uses an 8 round cylinder instead of the usual 5 and weighs in at 14.9 ounces for a very similar performance. If you want to up the power factor, you can also select the 17.1 ounce .357 Magnum model. Alternatively, it also comes available in .327 Fed Mag and features a 17 ounce carry weight or 9mm Luger with a 17.2 ounce weight.

Navigating Your Options

As per the performance features, you can see that you have plenty of options as far as caliber on the standard model goes. In addition to this standard model, you can also check out the Ruger LCRx, which offers some key differences that you might enjoy. Most importantly, it features an external hammer, giving you a more traditional feel and allowing you to stay on target. This series is only available in .38 special +P, but it is certainly a good option to consider if you are interested in carrying that caliber. When it comes time to order your new Ruger LCR, remember that Omaha Outdoors is here for you to make sure you have the most convenient shopping experience. Our online portal makes it easy to find what you need and should you have any questions, you can always pick up the phone to speak with one of our reps directly. We look forward to assisting you in your purchase and sending your new LCR.


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