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As you are going about your business in the urban jungle, sometimes the best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to make sure that you maintain a low profile. In a world where active shooting events are is becoming a serious challenge, you don’t want to put a target on yourself by carrying openly. Instead, a good subcompact handgun gives you the element of surprise and ensures that you are still able to keep yourself safe. Naturally, this means weighing your options and finding the gun that is best suited for the job. The first thing you want to consider in this type of gun is how small it really is, looking to get one that you can easily hide as you go about town. Next, you want to make sure it is reliable and accurate, allowing you to quickly draw and fire without hesitation or fear of jamming. Of course, stopping power never hurt either, so instead of settling for a .380 or something that is arguably inadequate for the job, you want to make sure you go with a 9mm or larger. With that in mind, there is nothing better than the Ruger LC9s to get the job done right.

About the Ruger LC9s

Built around a striker-fired system, the Ruger LC9s features a short and light trigger pull that provides for more accurate shooting than many options out there today. It uses a hardened, alloy steel slide and a high-performance, glass-filled nylon frame, effectively combining durability with lightweight design. With integrated grips, it uses a checkered frame to ensure that you keep a comfortable and secure hold of the weapon in a defensive situation. Each model also includes a finger extension for the base of your magazines, making it easier for those with larger hands. Its dovetail sights provide a great way to stay on target while the blued, alloy barrel ensures consistent accuracy. For safety, it includes an integrated trigger safety, manual safety, and magazine disconnect safety, as well as a visual inspection port to see whether a round is loaded or not. Of course, those who want a point-and-shoot solution might look at the Pro Model, which instead uses a trigger safety only for quickly deployment in an emergency.

LC9s Specifications

Since it was designed for the best in concealed carry, the LC9s were made to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance. It relies on a 3.12” barrel to deliver from its 7-round, 9mm magazine and uses a 6 groove, 1:10 right hand twist to ensure accuracy. Overall, it measures out to be 6” long, 4.5” tall, and only 0.9” wide, making it easy to conceal. Furthermore, it achieves a light weight of only 17.2 ounces, allowing you to carry unencumbered.

Get Your Gun Cerakoted

Of course, some shooters decide that they want a more unique presentation when they are selecting a new firearm. Fortunately, Omaha Outdoors hears you loud and clear, which is why we have our own certified technicians ready and willing to apply custom cerakotes to any of these LC9s models. A cerakote is a unique ceramic coating that offers a hard and durable exterior while protecting the weapon from the elements. Some of the most popular colors are: Tiffany Blue, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Patriot Brown, and Pink, but we carry a lot more than these basics. Once a coating is applied, our technicians function test the weapon, ensuring that everything still runs smoothly. From there, the gun ships with a 12 month workmanship warranty, protecting it from standard wear. Keep in mind, this finish may be tough, but it won’t take too much abuse like rubbing against stones. Regardless of whether you want a standard LC9s or you are looking for a more unique finish, shopping online has never been easier. We will ship your weapon as quickly as possible and are happy to help in any way we can. Once you order a Ruger LC9s from Omaha Outdoors, you won’t want to shop anywhere else again.


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