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No matter what type of firearm you purchase, having the proper optics is essential to ensuring you can protect yourself and your family. For self-defense purposes, a good flashlight or laser attached to your defense weapon can go a long way. These help to ensure you always have a clear view of your target and are able to accurately hit your mark without worrying about what the shooting conditions might be like. After you order a Ruger for these purposes, you might want to select all of the right accessories to go along with it. Among those accessories, these lasers and lights are sure to help keep you on target. Whatever Ruger you purchase, you may want to make sure it is really ready for action by getting yourself a good laser to go alongside it.

Crimson Trace for Subcompact Pistols

If you own a subcompact model that you want to start carrying concealed, one of the first options you might consider is a good Crimson Trace laser. The Crimson Xchange Technology Laser is one of the latest offerings and allows for a quick switch between the standard laser and a bright white light. This gives you some flexibility in the field and allows you to always have what you need. Alternatively, the LaserGrips option is always a good choice. You might also consider Crimson Trace LaserGrips for your revolver.

Leapers UTG Offers Another Solution

UTG actually manufactures a variety of different lasers to choose from. Among those options, you might just go with the basic red laser that can be affixed to most standard picactinny rails and provides that extra accuracy you need. As an alternative to this, you might also want to consider an option that integrates both a laser and a light, which is also available in a UTG model. In that case, you can enjoy a 120 lumens area-flooding light as well as a highly visible red laser light. This option was made especially for your Ruger American Pistol’s picatinny rail and provides an excellent option for those who want a bit more.

Try a Viridian Green Laser Instead

Mounted directly on your subcompact Ruger and offered with Enhanced Combat Readiness technology which ensures that the laser is illuminated as you draw, Viridian is another excellent option you might want to consider. Its green laser actually appears brighter than the traditional red and the sleek design has very little impact on the weight and performance of the weapon. If you have an LCP, LC9s, or and LC380, you might instead consider this as the ultimate laser sight to select.

How About Tactical Lights?

While lasers are a common accessory today, tactical operators might actually prefer a good flashlight. A few companies have designed lights that are intended to work with Ruger, but one of the best options is a good Streamlight flashlight. Ruger actually offers a Rail Lite system for their auto-loading rifles to ensure that you can quickly and easily attach a flashlight for your tactical applications. Additionally, Leapers offers some flashlights of their own, as well as a laser/light combo that can help ensure you stay on target while illuminating your surroundings. Whatever your accessory needs might be, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. If you have any questions about these tools for your Ruger or want to place your order over the phone, just pick it up and give us a call. Otherwise, place your order below and trust that it will be sent your way with haste.

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