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Ruger Gunsite Scout For Sale - Buy Ruger Gunsite Scout

The shooting community is comprised of a wide variety of different members, all of them with their own reasons for owning a gun. Perhaps the biggest group of this community is the target shooters, who just look for guns that are affordable and ready to put holes in targets. Typically, this doesn’t require much in the way of features and the casual target shooter is just interested in keeping his costs down so he has enough ammo for the range. Unlike the casual target shooter, a hunter needs something more. He needs a gun that can put up with regular use in the field and take a beating from the elements without losing a step. He needs a firearm that can accurately deliver round after round with precision and consistency. Touted as the “one rifle to have if you could only have one,” the Ruger Gunsite Scout certainly makes a case that many gun owners can get behind. With a practical design, no-nonsense performance features, and a variety of caliber options to choose from, it is certainly an asset for any hunter.

About the Ruger Gunsite Scout

Everything about the Gunsite Scout was designed to give you accuracy and reliability in the field. It starts with the cold hammer-forged barrel, which offers some of the most precise rifling to ensure you stay on target. From there, the lightweight synthetic stock uses a forward aluminum bedding block and rear aluminum pillar, which work to positively locate the receiver and free float the barrel. Its non-rotating, Mauser-type round feed extractor is touted as the “most positive case extraction system ever invented” and uses a fixed-blade ejector to remove the empty cases as the bolt is moved fully rearward. Of course, you wouldn’t get the best accuracy without the optics to support it, which is why this rifle includes various options. To begin with, it has a non-glare, protected blade front sight and an adjustable ghost ring rear aperture, giving you excellent accuracy out of the box. From there, you can use the forward-mounted picatinny rail to attach modern optics for improved accuracy, including a both-eyes-open sighting system. Finally, it also has a patented scope mount that is integrated into the receiver, making it easy to attach your favorite scope for additional accuracy.

Important Specifications

Chambered in .308 Win and using a black laminate stock, the standard Ruger Gunsite Scout uses a 16.1” barrel with 6 grooves and a 1:10 right hand twist. Overall, it measures out to be 38”-39.5” inches, depending on the spacers used in the buttstock. It weighs in at 7.1 pounds, making it heavy enough to control the recoil, but light enough to take into the field. If you want a bit more distance, the 18.7” barrel may be what you need instead. This measures 39.5”-41” and weighs in at 7.3 lbs. Alternatively, the 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem model uses a 16.1” barrel with a 1:8 right hand twist and weighs in at the 7.1 pound mark.

Which Ruger Gunsite Scout is Right for You?

While the standard model is offered in .308 Win, this rifle is also available in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem, which gives you some decisions to make based on the game you are hunting. More than this though, the rifle also comes available in a variety of different finishes. The black laminate is the most common finish that people choose, but the black synthetic is also known to be a great option. In either case, you can get a durable and lightweight option that will support your heavier cartridge. Alternatively, you might also consider the American Walnut stock, which provides a more distinct option for the refined hunter. Whatever choices you make, the Ruger Gunsite Scout will make for an excellent companion to take with you into the field. If you have any questions about which you might want to order, simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, select the model from below and place your order. We look forward to sending your new hunting rifle.


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