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To some, hunting might just be a rare pastime, but to others, it is truly a way of life. Being out in the bush and biding your time for that perfect shot takes no shortage of discipline and skill. It requires patience, training, and an understanding of the animals you hunt. Of course, it also requires that you have all of the right tools, primary among them being a good firearm. Naturally, it can take some time to pick out the right tools and you may have to go through some trial and error to get the right balance of weight to see you through the day. Rather than worry about weighing yourself down with an extra-large rifle, you might be more interested in finding something compact. This way, you can spend more time out in the field and less time looking for ways to cut back the weight of the rest of your gear. Uniquely named and uniquely styled, the Ruger Guide Gun is an exceptional option to make sure you have just what you need without weighing you down. Available in a wide variety of calibers and built to offer a more compact body without sacrificing accuracy, it may be just the sort of hunting rifle you have been searching for.

Ruger Guide Gun Delivers

Made to be more compact than many standard hunting rifles, the Ruger Guide Gun really works to give you everything you need. This starts with a Rugged Green Mountain laminate stock, which is stable in any environment and is offered with a rubber buttpad and ½” spaces to allow you to get the right length of pull. Of course, the barrel is impressive by itself, using a cold hammer-forged design to offer some of the most precise rifling available. This barrel is further improved upon thanks to the Ruger Muzzle Brake System, which includes a removable, radial-port muzzle brake that reduces felt recoil. If you do remove it, you can either replace it with a dynamically-matched muzzle weight to keep the function smooth or you can just use a threat protector instead.

Detailed Specs of the Guide Gun

Like many guns made for hunting, the Ruger Guide Gun is offered in a wide variety of different calibers. Regardless of the caliber, each model uses a 20” barrel standard to achieve sufficient accuracy in the field and weighs between 8 and 8.1 pounds. The .300 RCM and .338 RCM models use a 1:10 right hand twist and measure out to be 40.5-42” long overall, depending on how you use the stock spacers. The .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, and .30-06 SPRG models all offer a 1:10 right hand twist as well, but they measure out to be 41-42.5” overall. Next, the .375 Ruger model uses a 1:12 right hand twist and offers an overall length of 41-42.5”. Finally, the .416 Ruger is available with a 1:14 right hand twist and measures the same length overall. All of the models come standard for right handed shooters, but the .375 Ruger model also offers a left handed model.

Which Caliber Suits Your Needs?

Since this rifle was made for hunting, it makes sense that you can find it in a variety of different calibers. Whichever caliber you decide on, Omaha Outdoors makes ordering your next rifle easy. Simply place your order below or give us a call with any questions. Either way, we look forward to sending your new Ruger Guide Gun and getting you back into the field.


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