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Ruger American Pistol For Sale - Buy Ruger American Pistol Online

There is nothing more American than making sure you are prepared to take care of yourself no matter what comes your way. Among the things you have to prepare for is defending yourself and your family from anyone who wishes you harm. While there are a lot of different ways to do this, there are few as convenient as a good handgun. Of course, selecting the right handgun can make a big difference and ultimately determine whether you live or die when the time comes. Naturally, there are a variety of factors you will want to consider before selecting your pistol. First and foremost, you always want to consider a weapon that is accurate and will allow you to consistently hit your target. Second, you should look at a gun that is reliable, one that will fire every time you pull the trigger and is able to handle the stresses of everyday carry. If one of your other criteria is to equip yourself with advanced features, then you ought to look at the Ruger American Pistol as a top option.

Meet the Ruger American Pistol

Everything about this handgun was made to give you ease of use in the field. It starts with the stainless steel slide featuring a black nitride finish, which is tough enough to take care of business. This slide is supported by a glass-filled nylon frame that is built to last. It features a short take-up trigger, making your follow-up shots more accurate and is supported by a recoil-reducing cam, low-mass slide, low center of gravity, and a low bore axis. The modular wrap-around grip system ensures that you can always get a comfortable hold on the weapon while the easy takedown system makes cleaning a breeze. In addition to this, it features ambidextrous controls and uses genuine Novak LoMount Carry 3-dot sights to keep you on target. Since it is rated for +P ammunition, you can always get enough stopping power.

American Pistol Specifications

The Ruger American Pistol is available in three separate configurations, with the base model chambered in 9mm and offering 17 rounds in each magazine. This model uses a 4.2” barrel featuring 6 grooves and a 1:10 right hand twist. It measures out to be 1.4” wide, 7.5” long, and 5.6” tall. Weighing in at 30 ounces, it offers just the right feel for those carry situations. Featuring the same dimensions, they also offer another 9mm model that uses only a 10 round magazine. Alternatively, they provide a .45 ACP, which offers a 10 round magazine and uses a longer 4.5” barrel. In addition to the longer barrel, the weapon also measures 8” long and 5.7” tall.

Cerakote Your Ruger American Pistol

Regardless of which caliber you decide to buy, you may want to take some steps to ensure that your weapon has a certain unique touch to it. Fortunately for you, Omaha Outdoors offers expert cerakoting technicians, enabling us to coat your weapon in whatever color you are after. Made from a hard ceramic material, these coats can be applied to various components of your gun to create a more distinct look while also sealing it from the elements and giving it a harder exterior. Some of the most popular colors include: Tiffany Blue, FDE (Flat Dark Earth), OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Patriot Brown, and Pink. If you want a more unique color or find that you want to mix and match, we can help with that as well. So, when you are ready to take your shooting to the next level with a gun that was really designed by Americans for Americans, remember that a Ruger American Pistol may be just the weapon you are after.


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