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When it comes to personal defense, the go-to weapon for most is a pistol. Whether it is through concealed carry of a subcompact or open carry of a compact or full-size model, one of these handheld weapons delivers the ability to take down larger threats and offers you a delivery system that is small enough to carry. If open carry is more what you are after, you might feel like pulling out all the stops and choosing a large caliber option to ensure you can get the job done right. Of all the handguns out there today, few of them can really compare to the profile of the original 1911. This intimidating gun has been used for over a century now and, though companies continually work on ways to incorporate new technologies, the basic design has proven its worth by surviving all of that time. Among the companies producing this sort of weapon, you may be interested in the various models put forth by Ruger.

Using a Ruger 1911

Available in either the familiar government or commander style frames, Ruger took care to design their models after the classic 1911 Series 70 design. Using precision CNC-machining, they work to match each slide with each frame for a secure fit. From there, they make each stainless steel barrel and bushing from the same bar stock and the same machine, giving you improved accuracy. Knowing that some look to this model for competitions, it comes out of the box with an oversized ejection port and extended magazine release. The standard recoil guide and flat mainspring housing help enhance the authenticity while still ensuring you can perform at your best. In addition to these standard features, the Ruger 1911 also offers the classic wooden grips and checkered backstrap. From there, you can enjoy an aluminum, skeletonized trigger, which allows for precision adjustments and provides a crisp pull and a positive reset. To match this, the hammer is also skeletonized. The gun is topped off with dovetail 3-dot sights, including a Novak LoMount Carry adjustable rear. Like all 1911 models, it offers an oversized beavertail grip safety, giving you the feel you are after.

What Makes the Ruger 1911 Unique?

All Ruger 1911s are made in .45 ACP, offering that classic caliber for a familiar feel. The full-size government model features the familiar 5” barrel and offers a 6-groove 1:16 right hand twist to keep your shots on target. Overall, it measures 8.67” long, 5.45” tall, and 1.34” wide. With a weight of 39 ounces, it runs about average compared to other 1911s out there. Alternatively, the compact model uses a 4.25” barrel and measures 7.75” long, 5.45” tall, and 1.34” wide. It also reduces the overall weight to 36.4 ounces.

Choose the Right Model

In addition to the standard 1911 configurations, Ruger has also developed a few other models that may be of interest. Its Night Watchman edition features tritium front and rear sights, giving you a better sighting solution for nighttime operations. It also provides enhanced micarata grips to ensure you keep a solid hold under pressure. Featuring an all-black design, it is great for the tactical operator and is available with a 5” or 4.25” barrel. Similarly, the 4.25” barreled Navy Seal edition comes with its own unique features, namely the Engraved French Walnut grips, to give it more distinct styling. So, whether you want one of their standard 1911 models or are looking for something more specialized, Omaha Outdoors is here to make your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Simply select the gun you need from below and place your order. If you don’t see what you need, pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to serving you and welcoming you into the family.


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