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Remington Versa Max For Sale - Buy Remington Versa Max

If you are looking to spice up your firearm collection, a Remington Versa Max shotgun can certainly add some versatility to the mix. When it comes to building up any collection, different shooters take different approaches. Some focus first on covering all their bases, getting an all-around performance shotgun, rifle, and pistol before moving on to more specialized pieces. Others look to get what they need when they need it. So, if they hunt deer they look for a shotgun or rifle specifically built for hunting deer. When they decide to hunt something else, they then look for models that can help fill in the gap and ensure they get the performance they need. Of course, a weapon that you trust for hunting needs to be unquestionably accurate. It needs to cycle each round you fire without error and provide consistently smooth trigger pulls each time. When push comes to shove, it simply needs to be ready to fire whenever you need it. When you find a gun like this, you have found the right tool to take with you wherever you go and whatever you intend to hunt. Claiming to have produced the “new pinnacle of autoloader technology,” a Remington Versa Max shotgun certainly makes the case to do just this.

Remington Knows Modern Performance

Winner of the NRA Golden Bullseye Award in 2011, the Remington Versa Max Synthetic is the basic model that you will want to consider. It uses a standard synthetic stock and forend with gray overmolded grips to provide a comfortable feel. The VersaPort gas-operated system actually self-regulates the pressure based on the shell you are using, which helps to reduce recoil like no autoloader you have ever used before. This means an exceptionally smooth action whether you use 2 3/4”, 3”, or 3 1/2” loads. Beyond this, the TriNyte barrel is made to offer the best in accuracy and features nickel Teflon plated internals to ensure you have the corrosion resistance you need. Like all Versa Max models, it is available only in 12 gauge and this configuration uses either a 28” or 26” vent rib barrel. Since it was designed with modern performance in mind, it features HiViz interchangeable sights for the best in accuracy. For those who can appreciate the features of the award-winning synthetic model but are on a tighter budget, the Versa Max Sportsman is the obvious choice instead and still delivers unrelenting reliability thanks to the standard, powerful features. Fortunately, Remington doesn’t stop there though. Instead, they also offer a variety of other great hunting configurations. The Waterfowl Mossy Oak Duck Blind model is perfect for the duck hunter who needs a weapon with a good camo pattern. Similarly, the 28” barreled Waterfowl Pro series uses oversized controls and offers all of the best technology to keep you ahead of your target.

Meet the Competition and Tactical Remington Versa Max

Beyond offering models built for hunting, Remington realized the Versa Max action was well-suited for professional applications as well. The Versa Max Tactical model is an operator’s dream weapon. It is equipped with a 22” barrel and will hold 8 rounds if you use 2 ¾” shells or 7 if you opt for 3” shells. The action relies on the same technology as the hunting models, which means a self-cleaning and regulated system that allows for round after round without fear of failure. Of course, the standard muzzle brake and top rail section for optics are what really sets this configuration apart. Alternatively, the Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical model is perfect for the serious competitor out there. It uses a similar construction to the tactical model, but features a 2-round extension on the mag tube, which means you can fit 10 of those 2 ¾” shells in there for action. Topped off with an enlarged loading port for quicker loading and a set of dovetail sights, it delivers during those 3-gun competitions.

Shooting Other Versa Max Shotguns

In addition to those models mentioned above, the Remington Versa Max is also produced in a variety of other special configurations. The Real Tree AP HD Camo model is a popular choice among hunters as well and, similar to the Waterfowl Pro, it integrates larger controls to allow for easier gloved operations in the field. Alternatively, the Sportsman Turkey Camo model comes with an optional 22” barrel and uses smooth barrel rifle sights to give you the accuracy you need while hunting these elusive and quick birds. Whatever your application, there is no doubt that Remington has produced a Versa Max model to fit your needs. So, when you are ready to get back to shooting, simply select the item you need from below and place your order. If you have any questions about which model you might best benefit from, pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to serving you and sending your new shotgun with haste.


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