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Remington V3 Field Sport For Sale - Buy Remington V3 Field Sport

Though it might not have the reputation of other Remington model shotguns, the Remington V3 Field Sport makes an excellent option for any modern hunter. While there are a lot of factors that can influence your success as a hunter, the shotgun you decide to use can make a significant impact on your results. There are many reasons that a hunter chooses a shotgun first. After all, a good shotgun can actually be used to hunt a wide variety of different prey by simply switching out the ammunition you use. Considering the versatility of this platform, the choice to use a shotgun might be an easy one, but selecting the right one can be a bit more difficult. Of course, there are a lot of factors that can influence your ultimate purchase decision. The various barrel configurations and lengths, the different sights, and the type of stock are all immediate factors that can alter your decision. Furthermore, there might be some more specialized features you are after, such as a recoil-absorbing stock or buttpad to ensure you are able to handle those heavier loads. If you decide you want an affordable autoloading model that provides some finish options to fit your hunting environment, a Remington V3 Field Sport is definitely a solid choice.

Hunt With a Remington V3 Field Sport Shotgun

Remington has been in the firearm industry for more consecutive years than anyone else in the United States, so it makes sense that they would know how to change with the times. Of course, when they decided to release the V3 Field Sport shotgun, they really showed the extent of that pioneering spirit. Built with a synthetic stock and forend, it might not look much different than any other modern shotgun design, but it packs quite a few helpful features in to ensure you have the best performance. It begins with the VersaPort gas-operated system, which regulates the gas pressure based on the size of the shell being used. In effect, Remington has reduced recoil greater than any other autoloading shotgun to date. Not only does this keep felt recoil down, but it also ensures smooth cycling regardless of what rounds you pump through it. Ready to accept 2 ¾” or 3” shells, the 3-round magazine tube finishes off the VersaPort action and provides for some of the best performance around. Of course, the standard model comes in black, which gives more of an aggressive look and feel to the weapon. Alternatively, those who are in the bush might prefer one with a Mossy Oak Blades camo pattern, helping you to blend in and have better results as you stalk your prey. On the other hand, the Mossy Oak Break Up Country pattern will be more popular for many in less dense forests throughout the country. Regardless, they all offer that advanced performance that ensures your success.

Enjoy Semi-Auto Performance that Really Works

The standard black synthetic V3 is available with either a 28” or 26” barrel. This makes the overall length hit 49” and 47”, respectively. Since hunting is what these guns were made for, both of the Mossy Oak camo models only come in the 28” configuration. Whatever finish you select, the gun relies on a light contour vent rib barrel and uses twin bead sights to ensure you can lock onto your intended target. The longer barrel models offer a 14.25” length of pull, a 1.5” drop at the comb, and a 2 7/16” drop at the heel. Weighing in at about 7.25 lbs. they are light enough that anyone should be able to handle them.

Other Hunting Options at Omaha Outdoors

In addition to these configurations, you might also want to check out the various hunting gear that is available right here at Omaha Outdoors. After all, the shotgun you use is only a small part of your hunting toolkit and sometimes finding all of the components you are looking for can be tough. To ensure you are able to get the best value, our online storefront was designed to allow for easy and convenient shopping. Whether you need a sling to carry your new shotgun, some extra ammo, or other hunting gear, you can find everything you need right here. Regardless of which V3 Field Sport shotgun you decide is best, shopping with Omaha Outdoors simply couldn’t be easier. We have designed our online storefront to deliver the most convenient access to all our shoppers, offering you a wide selection of firearms and accessories to see you through the day. If you are having trouble finding what you need or have questions about a specific product like one of these shotguns, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Once you are ready, simply select the items you need and place your order below. We look forward to serving you, and welcoming you into the Omaha Outdoors family.


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