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For the modern firearm owner, gun safety is always a real concern. In most cases, gun owners prescribe to the suggestion that ammunition is stored separately from firearms. Many times, magazines are left unloaded, at least for all weapons that aren’t normally in use. Some gun owners won’t buy a new weapon unless they have room in one of their gun safes and others purchase individual lock boxes whenever they buy a new weapon to keep them secure. This way, the gun is safe from potential burglars and it is also out of reach from any children who might not be ready to handle them without adult supervision. Whether you have a family and need to keep kids out of your collection or you just want to take extra security precautions, one of the best ways to ensure that guns are safely stored is to use various forms of locking. Some new firearms today are actually manufactured with internal locks, allowing you to prevent them from firing with a specialized key. On the other hand, many of the weapons today still aren’t, so you might seek an option like a trigger lock to keep it secure. Whether it is a lock for your gun’s trigger or a standard cable lock, Omaha Outdoors has just what you need to keep your weapons secure.

Remington Trigger Locks to Use

One of the simplest ways to keep your firearm more secure, Remington makes trigger locks using a hardened steel core, which means durability is never a problem. The rubber insert pads around the lock ensure that you do not scratch the surface around the trigger, while the solid construction keeps it tightly in place. Each lock comes with 2 keys, ensuring you have a spare available should anything happen. The standard model is designed to fit most rifles, shotguns, and pistols, but Remington also produces more specialized trigger locks. Beyond the standard trigger lock, you might be interested in some more colorful ways to keep your firearm secure. For starters, Remington has made a safety lock plunger for the 1911 pistol, which helps prevent the safety from being deactivated and effectively ensures that the gun cannot be fired without you planning on it. They also produce other safety locks and action lock bars for rifles and shotguns to ensure that the gun cannot be operated while the lock is engaged.

Pick Up a Cable Lock Instead

While these newer locking systems might be great for some, others may prefer the more classic cable lock instead. Naturally, Remington offers a standard cable lock that includes 2 keys to allow for a secure locking experience at all times. Alternatively, they also make a California-compliant safety lock. This lock uses a hardened steel laminated body, which offers a green finish with the Remington logo on the lock. It uses a ball-lock cable retaining system and brass 4-pin tumbler lock plug to keep it safe from tampering. The wire cable is further protected by hardened steel beads, which helps it maintain flexibility but makes it more resistant to cutting. The external wrap is made from vinyl, effectively protecting your weapon from any scratching that might occur as a result of using this locking system.

Your Ultimate Destination for Remington Products

While safety is certainly an important aspect of owning a gun, there are surely other items you need to ensure you are able to stay right on target. For starters, you might need to pick up other items for your safety while shooting, like ear and eye protection for the range. Additionally, there are plenty of other items that are normally on a shooter’s shopping list, and Omaha Outdoors makes it so you never have to leave your home to get them. Instead, our convenient online storefront was designed with ease of use in mind and provides you with access to all of the best items in one place. So, whether you are looking for new Remington trigger or gun locks to keep your new firearm secure or you need other shooting essentials, Omaha Outdoors is here to help. Our simple shopping portal makes it easy to find what you need without ever leaving your home. More important than this, our shipping speeds are almost unmatched online and our customer service team is knowledgeable and ready to help. Whether you have a question about what you might need, are looking to find something you don’t see online, or you just want to place your order over the phone, give us a call for help. Otherwise, place your order below with confidence. We look forward to serving you and making you a part of our shooting family.

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