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There are a lot of different reasons that people buy firearms. Some purchase them only for enjoyment, simply a pastime to get away from the house and practice a productive skill. Others look for guns to take hunting, knowing that a good hunting weapon can help them put food on the table. Still others rely on firearms in their line of work, using them for law enforcement or tactical purposes. Regardless of why people use firearms though, the requirements remain relatively the same. People want a gun that can deliver unwavering performance and accuracy whenever they need it. It is this reason that has made Remington such a popular brand to this day. Of course, it really doesn’t matter what firearm you choose if you don’t have the magazines to keep them loaded up with ammo. Whether you are stocking up a duty weapon or preparing your guns for home defense purposes, it is essential that you always have some extra magazines around for when you need them. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry all of the best Remington magazines and related parts to ensure you are ready to take care of business no matter what that business might be.

Shop for Your Remington Magazines

As you would expect from a company with the reputation of Remington, you can find a wide assortment of different magazines to fit all of your favorite models. Whether it is a full magazine for your .308 rifle or a simple box for your .30-06 bolt action, you can sort through the various options available online. Each of these mags is made for a specific Remington model, which means you need to pay attention to the ones that fit your needs. In addition to standard factory mags, you can also find special extended options, like the Model 597 High-Capacity magazine, which offers 30 rounds of .22 LR to take care of business. Beyond the standard rifle magazines, you also want to make sure your favorite Remington handguns are stocked as well. Omaha Outdoors carries options for both the 1911 and RM380, ensuring that you have access to all of the magazines you need to stay right on target. If your pistol needs some other replacement parts, you might also look at items like a magazine catch or magazine release as well.

Shotgun Magazine Tubes

While a shotgun might not rely on a traditional magazine, the standard magazine tube of your shotgun is an important component to consider. This is why Omaha Outdoors also makes sure to stock up on the parts you need to ensure your shotgun remains in working order. Whether you want to extend the tube or just replace a part to ensure it works at its best, you can find what you need online. Naturally, this includes essentials like springs, followers, magazine caps, and more. This way, you can always load enough rounds in the tube to take care of business properly.

Other Remington Magazine Parts

In addition to buying complete magazines, you might also be the type of person who likes to work on maintaining all of your existing equipment. Perhaps you have an old magazine that just got dented after years of use or your old spring simply isn’t as tight as it once was. Whatever the challenge might be, rather than replacing the magazine outright, maybe you prefer to fix it yourself. Fortunately, Remington manufactures plenty of extra parts to help and Omaha Outdoors keeps them in stock for your convenience. More than this, we also keep other related parts, like extra magazine releases, which will ensure your gun is always ready for action. Regardless of what you are after, there is no better place to shop for it than right here at Omaha Outdoors. Our online storefront was designed with ease of use in mind, which is why it features simple sorting solutions to help you narrow down your choices. If you know what you need, you can always turn to the convenient search feature as well. Of course, if you have trouble finding what you want or you simply don’t know what the best option might be, you can always pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to sending your new Remington magazines and keeping you ready for action in the field.


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