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Remington Buttstocks For Sale - Buy Remington Buttstocks

When it comes to quality hunting tools, you won’t find many companies out there that can match the reputation of Remington. For 200 years now, they have been working to meet and exceed all consumer expectations, which has allowed them to develop some of the most trusted weapons on the market today. Whether it is their legendary 870 shotgun or one of their various hunting rifles, they offer some of the most reliable platforms and some of the best buttstocks for comfort. While Remington makes some exceptional firearms, that does not mean that you always want to stick with the original factory configuration. After all, they produce other alternatives to choose from, so it makes sense if you decide to make some changes down the road. This can be especially true with models like the Remington 870 Shotgun, which you might decide to use for more than just hunting and need to swap out the buttstock for something different. With that in mind, Omaha Outdoors keeps a wide variety of the best Remington buttstocks in stock and ready to ship.

Using the Best Rifle Buttstocks

Since Remington manufacturers its rifles with buttstocks integral to the stock, you won’t be switching out the back without shopping for an entire stock. While you can shop for both wood and polymer stocks online, here you will find some of the best butt plates to help reinforce your rifle’s performance. For better performance, both the Model 597 and Model 700 have distinct rubber butt pads that you can use if your old one is getting worn out. Alternatively, you can shop for a plate spacer to help adjust the length of the pad to fit your individual needs.

The Reliability of Remington Shotgun Buttstocks

Since Remington manufactures such a diverse selection of shotguns, it makes sense that they would also offer many different buttstocks to choose from. Among the more specialized stocks, you might be interested in a ShurShot synthetic assembly. Beyond its unique appearance, this stock was designed with an ergonomic pistol grip platform to maximize pointability. It uses a SuperCell recoil pad to keep the recoil down and offers a lightweight construction for the best experience. The 11-87 Speedfeed Pistol Grip stock is another unique design to consider. It offers a comfortable stock design and a pistol grip to facilitate easy maneuvering in the field. On the other hand, the standard 1100 12 Gauge Stock Assembly uses a carbon fiber dip and offers adjustments to allow for shooters to get the best experience in the field. Naturally, these synthetic stocks are not the only options you have access to. Instead, Remington also offers some great wooden stocks that can be used to upgrade your existing shotgun for a more refined look and performance. Finally, you might also consider a synthetic stock set with matched forend. Currently, this combo is available for the Remington 870, 1100, or 11-87. It is fully synthetic and features your choice of finish, which includes: black, Mossy oak break-up, or Advantage wetlands. Regardless of which you choose, these scratch-resistant stocks are a great option for your favorite shotgun and make a great hunting upgrade. Though not a combo, youth shooters might check out the pink mossy oak camo pattern as well, which is available for 20 gauge 11-87 or 870 models.

Get All of Your Essentials Online

After purchasing any of these parts for your rifle or shotgun, you will also want to make sure you have all of the necessary hardware. Fortunately, Omaha Outdoors keeps a steady supply of all the components you will need, including screws, spacers, inserts, and more. We also sell any of the tools you might need to make the swap easier and more convenient for you. Once you have gotten all of these parts, it is important to remember that as a full-service outdoor provider you can also pick up your other essentials. This might include some cleaning supplies, bore brushes, range bags, or simple items like ear and eye protection. Whatever you might need, our goal is to ensure your shopping experience is as easy and convenient as possible. Our storefront was designed with ease of use in mind, offering you convenient access to all of the best brands and items that you need. More important than this, we take great pride in our customer service, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Once you place an order, we will quickly work to process it and get it sent out right away, which means less time waiting and more time shooting for you. So, place your order below with confidence and welcome to the Omaha Outdoors family!

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