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If Remington ammunition is what you are shopping for, you have come to the right place. While movies and television often suggest firearms are magical weapons that easily hit their target, the truth is that there are a lot of factors that can affect your accuracy. Naturally, the first and most important factor is your own level of skill. The more training you receive and the better your form, the more accurate you will be able to shoot. Second to this is perhaps the gun you use, as the right weapon can make a big difference when push comes to shove. Of course, while the firearm you choose is important, many fail to realize that the ammunition you use can also have a great impact on your accuracy. For the new shooter, it can be difficult to avoid the temptation of simply purchasing the least expensive ammunition you can find. Instead, you should actually look at the ballistics of the ammo and select whether it will suit your needs properly. While there are a variety of different brands out there with an established reputation, you can’t go wrong when you decide to use Remington ammunition.

A Great Selection of Shotshell

Being in the industry for 200 years, it makes sense that Remington would know a thing or two about manufacturing quality ammunition. Specifically, many shooters turn to this company for hunting purposes, so when you consider the various shotshells it should come as no surprise that it manufactures rounds for all different applications. Namely, they produce loads for: upland, waterfowl, turkey, target, slugs, and buckshot. Each of these applications has a handful of different rounds to choose from, giving you the ultimate in selection.

Prepare Your Centerfire Rifle for Action

While not as diverse as the shotshell collection, Remington also produces a wide variety of different rifle rounds for the modern shooter. One of the most sought after of these rounds is the Core-Lokt series, which is a controlled expansion round created in 1939. It has a solid lead core and a tapered copper jacket to deliver the absolute best performance available today. For more specialized hunting applications, you might turn to the newer Hog Hammer rounds instead. These are made to penetrate the thickest hog hides and provide superior expansion when they impact. Made for a variety of applications, the UMC rifle ammunition is another exceptional choice. It offers one of the best values without sacrificing on performance. Of course, those involved in competitions might turn towards the Premier Accutip instead, which uses a polymer tip and lead core to deliver match-level accuracy. Alternatively, the Premier Match has been trusted for years to deliver this type of match-grade performance, making it another excellent choice. Naturally, they offer some other series to choose from as well and provide these rounds in all of the essential rifle calibers.

Enjoy Rimfire Performance

Realizing that rimfire rounds can be the most cost-effective way to practice but can also provide for hunting applications on their own, Remington ammunition is also available in a variety of different rimfire configurations. The 22 Golden Bullet is a simple, affordable option for the casual target shooter and a great place to start. On the other hand, the 22 Thunderbolt rounds are another affordable option and are actually Remington’s most popular rimfire round. If you need match-level performance, either the Rimfire Match EPS or the Premier Gold Box are the ways to go instead.

Check Out the Wide Handgun Selection

Getting down to standard pistols, Remington ammunition is available in a few other styles. The UMC Handgun Ammunition is the standard for a simple target shooter or training purposes. Alternatively, High Terminal Performance (HTP) rounds are made without compromise to provide the best cycling and ballistic power. They also manufacture a Target Pistol/Revolver series, which offers specialized performance for your gun of choice. Those who want a defensive round will be more interested in the Ultimate Defense Handgun loads though, which provide a cartridge maximized for these defense situations.

Reload Your Own Ammunition

In addition to the various factory ammunition Remington offers, Omaha Outdoors also makes it easy for those who prefer to reload their own rounds. Since Remington offers all of the different parts you need separately, we are able to carry this for your convenience. Whether you need to pick up some extra brass, free bullets, primers, wads, black powder, or anything else you might need, we can help you get the best reloading experience. Beyond this, you might also need to pick up some of your essential equipment to help with reloading, such as a brass cleaner, press, and more. Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, you can get this all in one place. Whatever type of ammunition you need, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping online easy and convenient. Our convenient shopping portal was designed to ensure you can easily navigate the website and find just what you are looking for. If you have any questions about the type of ammo that might work best in your favorite firearm, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our service team is made up of experienced shooters, so we know what it takes to get the best results. When you are ready, just place your order below and we’ll have your ammo on its way in no time.


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