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One of the most popular shotgun models for shooters of every kind, the Remington 870 is a model that any shooter would be proud to have in his collection. While the oldest shotgun designs might have been trusted by hunters first, the truth is that many manufacturers today have begun to target a wide variety of other shooters. For home defense, a good 12 gauge has become one of the best options and many prefer this over any handgun or carbine. Additionally, law enforcement and tactical professionals have started to use the shotgun for a variety of applications, realizing that its flexible design allows for some real versatility in the field. While many manufacturers have designed specific models to fill these various niches, Remington has taken a more general approach and it has worked out exceptionally well. Understanding what it takes to build a quality pump action shotgun, they have designed a model that can be purchased in one configuration and easily modified to work in a variety of other situations. This has made it one of the most popular guns out there today. Whatever your intended application might be, you simply won’t find a more versatile and trusted platform out there than the Remington 870.

The Versatile Shotgun of Choice

Among the various shotguns on the market today, the Remington 870 stands out for its versatility. As the best-selling model and most highly recommended by shooters, it is available in configurations specifically meant for waterfowl, deer, tactical assignments, home defense, target shooting, and more. Each of these configurations has its own special features that make it perfectly suited for the job. Of course, at the heart of them all is the solid steel receiver that was built to last and a smooth pump-action system that allows for shot after shot with great accuracy. Easily considered the foundation for the line and the inspiration for many other hunting shotguns, the 870 Wingmaster is one of the first places to turn if you want an all-around performance model for hunting. It is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore, which means everyone should be able to find what they need. Each of these gauges relies on its own barrel configuration, but the one thing that remains consistent is the 4-round magazine tube. Outfitted with twin bead sights, and built with an American walnut stock, any of these models will impress.

Choosing the Right Hunting Remington 870

Taking the Wingmaster and adding a couple of inches to the barrel, the Wingmaster Classic Trap model is another excellent choice. Its 30” light contour vent rib barrel sticks with the standard twin bead sights and delivers exceptional balance from a 12 gauge model. Perfect for skeet shooting and waterfowl hunting, it looks and feels right at home in your hands. On the other hand, those who want a workhorse that neglects some of the classic styling in these models will be more interested in the 870 Express. The Express model features either a laminate or synthetic stock, which helps to keep costs down on the manufacturing and means a lower price tag for the end user. Don’t think that means a sacrifice in performance, as the single bead front sight still allows you to track your target just right. It is available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, so take your pick and get to hunting. If you need more accuracy from a 12 gauge, the fully rifled Express Synthetic Cantilever model is the way to go. This uses the Express platform and adds a 23” fully rifled 12 gauge barrel for an exceptional hunting experience.

The Perfect Home Defense 12 Gauge

Today, a shotgun wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it didn’t also have a configuration intended for home defense and the Remington 870 is no exception. Built for just that purpose, the Hardwood Home Defense model is available with an 18.5” barrel, a single bead front sight and a hardwood stock that provides a no-nonsense way to get rid of intruders. If you need to defend your house boat or just like getting out on the seas, the 870 Special Purpose Marine model is another great choice. It uses a 6-round magazine tube, 18” barrel, and features an electroless nickel-plated finish to protect it from the salty air.

Take Your Remington 870 On Tactical Missions

Naturally, the Remington 870 has also been manufactured to match a more mission-driven design for the modern operators today. The Express Synthetic Tactical model is best suited for this job and offers an 18.5” barrel 12 gauge fixed cylinder choke to keep you shooting. Overall, it measures 38.5” long and will shoot both 2 ¾” and 3” shells flawlessly through the tactical action. If the standard model isn’t enough, they also produce a “7-round” tactical model that allows for one to be chambered while 6 are loaded in the mag tube. Ultimately, the Remington 870 has earned its reputation for good reason. It is made in different configurations that can work for virtually any shooter, ranging from those who need a good hunting weapon to those who just want something around the home for defense. Regardless of which one you need, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping for your next shotgun easy and convenient. You can easily use the sorting features available online to find just the items you need. Meanwhile, you can check for all the other accessories and parts to complete your shopping experience. Just place your order below and get ready to be impressed every step of the way.


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