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For many years, the Remington 1100 series has been a favorite option among experienced hunters as they look to tackle the most difficult prey. As any experienced hunter will tell you, the real test of the hunt is not really how well you shoot, but rather, how well you can track and how patient you can remain as you look for that perfect shot. Ultimately, this means that really becoming great at hunting involves much more than just buying a gun. Instead, it means years of training and a real understanding of the prey you are after. Of course, a good shotgun will still go a long way, especially when it is in the hands of an experienced hunter. The right weapon will ensure you have the reliability you need in the field, so no matter whether it is dry or wet, you can take the shot and know your gun is ready. It will stay true to its mark every time, so you just have to take one shot and not worry about missing your target. When it comes down to brass tacks, you won’t find many better options out there to take care of business than a good Remington 1100.

The Model 1100 American Classic

Available in either 20 gauge or 12 gauge, one of the most popular configurations for the Remington 1100 is the American Classic model. This model starts out right with a ventilated recoil pad and white line spacer to provide a comfortable shooting experience while setting the tone for style. The stock is made from B-grade American walnut and includes a white diamond grip cap to support this style. Its blued receiver continues this exclusive look with machined-cut engraving and a gold fill. Using a smooth, autoloading action, it matches the performance you would expect from any weapon bearing the Remington name. Alternatively, those who need a simpler hunting weapon might just opt for the Classic Trap model instead. This is available in the ever-popular 12 gauge chambering and still delivers a refined look. It features a high-grade walnut stock and a high gloss finish with cut checkering. The polished, blued receiver and barrel are supported by a gold-plated trigger, while the twin bead target sights ensure you are able to get a clear view of your mark. When it comes to actual specifications, the American Classic 12 gauge relies on a 26” barrel and reaches an overall length of 48.5”. The 20 gauge, on the other hand, uses a 28” barrel and measures out to 46.5” overall. Both American Classic models also use a vent rib Rem choke and twin bead sights. Alternatively, the Classic Trap model uses a 30” barrel and measures a long 50.5” overall. It relies on a light contour rib Rem choke.

Moving Beyond the Basic Remington 1100

Still featuring fancy styling and offered with a perfectly smooth autoloading action, the Remington 1100 Sporting Series is another option to consider. It is available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, or with a .410 bore. The larger two feature a light contour rib Rem choke and rely on a 28” barrel and measure 49” overall to deliver accuracy and reliability. Alternatively, the smaller two use 27” barrels, measure 47.75” long overall, and rely on a vent rib Rem choke. Of course, those who are interested in competitive performance will also enjoy the Competition Synthetic Model. This model is optimized for 2 3/4” target loads and uses a vent rib pro bore to achieve the most consistent accuracy. Its custom synthetic body is supported by a recoil-reducing stock and offers a refined action for the best in performance. Available in 12 gauge only, it relies on a 30” barrel and measures 50.5” overall.

200th Anniversary Special Edition Performance

While the 1100 model was designed with hunting in mind first, the truth is that some occasions call for a serious collector’s piece. As 2016 arrived, Remington decided that its bicentennial celebration called for just such a weapon. Built to celebrate the 200th anniversary, there are 2,016 of these special configurations being made, which means demand will remain high. Each features a C-grade walnut stock with fleur-de-lis checkering for a distinguished look. Offering classic American style engraving and a gold inlay, they include a medallion in the grip for an even more unique look. Your new shotgun will ship out in a special commemorative box and includes a unique serial number to designate the importance of the occasion. Whether you are happy with the established performance of the American Classic configuration or you want something a bit more specialized, there is no questioning the utility of a good Remington 1100 shotgun. Its autoloading capabilities make it ultra-reliable, even when environmental conditions are less than favorable. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design makes it easy for any hunter to handle and ensures the best success in the field. When you are ready to place your order, simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to serving you and helping you get the most out of your next hunting trip with one of these exceptional shotguns.


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