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No matter what type of firearm you own and no matter how powerful or reliable that gun might be, it won’t do you much good if you can’t carry it with you. Wherever you are around town, a good holster can go a long way in ensuring your survival in a self-defense situation. So, shopping for these can be essential. Of course, the urban jungle is sometimes a very dangerous place, so finding the solution to fit your needs can be more challenging than ever before. To help you overcome this challenge, you might want to have a Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) holster at your side.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to keep a regular stock of RCS products, which means you can bypass the usual 6-8 week wait you might find ordering directly from the manufacturer. Whether it is the Eidolon, Phantom, Balor, or another one of their exceptional systems, you should be able to find what you need easily and conveniently. Our number one goal as an online retailer is to make shopping easy and convenient for you and we accomplish this by offering this brand to you with service that you simply can’t be matched.

From Modest to Mighty: Raven Concealment Systems Continues to Grow

In 2005, the founders of Raven Concealment Systems, who describe themselves simply as “three guys”, decided to start hand-forming holsters in their own basement. As long-time gun owners who were frustrated with current holster offerings, they worked towards a better concealed carry option for the modern shooter. About a decade later, they had already grown from this small operation to a multi-million dollar company ready to deliver some of the most innovative holster designs. Using compression molding, vacuum forming, and injection molding technologies, they offer some exceptional options for the savvy shooter. Proudly manufactured within the USA, they have even begun to expand beyond holsters to ensure that the modern urban warrior has everything he needs to survive.

Raven Concealment Eidolon Glock Holsters

Working for over 3 years to refine and develop the perfect inside the waistband holster, the Eidolon concealment system is built specifically with the Glock in mind. It is offered in a variety of configurations, each designed to fill different carry needs and ensure you can get the right one to fit your budget. The basic in the waistband (IWB) package is built to be used with either the 3 or 5 o’clock carry position and serves either right-handed or left-handed shooters just right. It is fully tuckable and also allows you to make adjustments to the cant and ride height for the most comfortable experience. It includes: a basic holster ambi shell built for your specific model, a pair of 1.5” Overhook belt attachments, a tall spacer for mounting these attachments below the trigger guard, all of the necessary hardware, and an instruction manual.

If you want all or nothing, the slightly more expensive Full Eidolon holster kit is what you need. It gives you everything that comes in the basic package and also includes additional components to ensure you have hundreds of different configuration options. It ships with: one pair of either 1.5” or 1.75” belt attachments, a holster shell for your chosen model, a tall spacer, both 8-hole and 10-hole extension wings, a short spacer for mounting below the trigger guard, a set of belt claws, a holster wedge for lefties or righties, and, of course, all the necessary hardware and instructions.

Naturally, RCS also provides shooters with the option to purchase various equipment and components outside of these two options, which means you can easily configure your system to fit your needs. With a modular design strategy, it makes carry a truly individualized experience.

Try a Raven Concealment IWB Morrigan Holster

Another revolutionary holster design, the Morrigan holster system developed at Raven Concealment might not use a modular design, but it still offers superior performance when it counts. Made from IWB carry, it is constructed entirely from kydex, which might not appeal to some shooters. Before you make a snap judgement though, it is important that you consider how well it works. It is extremely slim and can be worn either on the front or back blade of the hip for great concealment. Using a full-height body shield, it protects the wearer from sweat and also helps ensure the rear sight doesn’t snag when drawing.

As a RCS kydex holster, it also offers a very smooth and contoured design. So, simply select the right model and you have all-day carry you can trust. Retention is a breeze as well, providing an innovative 360 degree Velcro wrap that secures the weapon in a sort of tourniquet-like fashion. Fully ambidextrous, it comes ready to work in the urban jungle.

Need Phantom Modular OWB Kydex Holsters?

Another Raven Concealment kydex holster, the Phantom Modular system is available for a wide variety of the most popular handgun designs. The thin, high-strength kydex is used in a pancake design, which helps distribute the weight evenly and hugs the body for the best concealed experience. It can be worn either IWB or outside the waistband (OWB) on the belt. As a modular design, it offers a variety of belt size options and belt loop types, making it highly sought after by shooting professionals. In addition to this, it also allows for the choice between a full shield and short shield.

See Better with a Balor Optics Mount

While holsters are essential to your preparation in a pinch, the truth is that optics can be one of the most integral components to your success. Understanding this, Raven Concealment Systems also decided to produce a versatile optics mount that could serve the needs of the modern warrior. The Balor optics mount allows for either an Aimpoint Micro or Trijicon RMR to be mounted on the slide and includes an integral backup iron sight to keep you on target. Keep in mind, this optic mount is designed to work with the Eidolon, Phantom, and Vanguard series of mounts, making it an excellent and practical choice.

Load Faster with Your Freya Magwell

Designed for various Glock 9mm and .40 S&W pistols, the Freya magwell is not your run of the mill magazine well upgrade. Rather than using that extra-large flare, it is built with concealed carry, duty, and tactical purposes in mind. It can be easily and non-permanently attached to the magazine base and allows for that funneled design you need to increase your reload speed. Thanks to the innovative design strategy, it maintains a normal pistol balance and allows for the fast reloads you need.

Shopping for Raven Concealment at Omaha Outdoors

When you need a concealment gun holster, you aren’t likely to find a brand out there you enjoy as much as Raven Concealment Systems. Its carefully-designed components provide the advanced features you need and ensure you always have the best carry experience. With Omaha Outdoors, you can order each of these components with the most attention to detail. Not only is our customer service staff ready and willing to help you make the right choice, but we also keep a supply in stock, which means little to no wait for the items to ship out your way.

So, when you are ready to experience a new level of concealed performance, look no further than one of these options online.

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