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PWS Summit 22 LR 10 RDS 16" Tension Barrel Rifle

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Midnight Trex

Capacity: 10 RDS
Model: Summit Rifle

Whether for varmint hunting or for a great afternoon of target practice, the 22 LR is an excellent cartridge to have handy. Of course, not all rifles are created equal, which is why people often have to look around before they find just the right option. If you have been looking for that perfect firearm, then you might check out Primary Weapon Systems for sale. This PWS Summit 22 LR 10 RDS 16″ Tension Barrel Rifle could be exactly what you need for the range.

The Summit line from PWS was designed to offer shooters a fully modular rifle that they could use along with their existing 10/22 rifle or by itself. Each of the parts was designed to offer both quality and performance, allowing for an easy transition to a reliable target rifle. This build includes the complete rifle, ensuring that you have everything you need for a good trip to the range. It features a laminate stock for a lightweight design and a carbon fiber barrel for extraordinary accuracy.

When you need a great target rifle that will deliver with the accuracy you need, this option is great place to start.


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