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PWS Muzzle Device Alignment Set 308 (5/8x24 Threads)

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Caliber: 308 Win

The 308 round can sometimes be heavy on recoil, which is why many shooters look to add a muzzle device to their existing rifle build. A good muzzle device can help to lower felt recoil significantly and also promote better accuracy of the weapon overall. When you are going to install that muzzle device on your rifle, make sure you have it properly aligned by having this PWS Muzzle Device Alignment Set 308 ready to use.

Made using 5/8×24 threads, these alignment rings should work perfectly with any standard muzzle device you might want to affix to your .308 rifle. It offers a durable construction that you would expect from PWS and makes it easy to install the muzzle device and align it properly. This was made for use with PWS muzzle devices but should work with any option you are looking to use on your weapon.

If you need to install a muzzle device on your .308 rifle, ensure that you are ready by getting this alignment set prepared.


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