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PWS Gun-Ease Weapon Lubricant Wipes 8 Wipes

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Primary Weapons Systems

Keeping your gun clean is an integral part of successful firearm operation. For a rifle though, keeping the carrier lubricated is even more important than cleaning. In fact, some shooters suggest that a good rifle doesn’t need a regular cleaning as much as it needs regular lubrications. When you are looking for an easy way to lubricate your weapons, these PWS Gun-Ease Weapon Lubricant Wipes 8 Wipes are one of the best solutions.

This pack comes with 8 6-inch wipes that are just large enough to lubricate all of the surfaces of your weapons that you might need. It doubles as a clearer and protector as well, allowing you to use as a convenient one-stop solution for maintenance. It was designed for use with PWS rifles, but naturally it will work with any firearm that might need some care. Keep this with your gun case or at your workshop to ensure you always have something on hand to provide a thorough cleaning.

If you need to get a convenient and easy way to keep your rifle ready for action, these wipes are perfect for Primary Weapon Systems rifles.


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