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PWS GunEase Weapon Lubricant Shop Tub 2 oz.

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A good AR was made to last for a lifetime, but without proper care it will never keep up with regular use. If you hope to ensure that your gun lasts as long as possible, you need to consistently keep it properly lubricated and ready for action. When you are looking for easy and convenient ways to keep your rifle working at its best, there are few options out there as good as the PWS GunEase Weapon Lubricant Shop Tub 2 oz.

Featuring a thicker lubricant that is more effective when heated upon application, this option was designed for use in the shop and goes great in your cleaning box. This tub is built to the perfect size for use in your work bench at home and will easily allow you to lubricate all of the weapons in your collection. Buy them as you need them or stock up to ensure you always are able to properly lubricate your weapons.

If you need a convenient way to keep your weapons lubed and ready for use, this small tub is the perfect investment to consider.


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