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PWS GunEase Weapon Lubricant Pen Applicator .3 fl oz.

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A thorough cleaning on a rifle can take a fair amount of time, but when you just need to quickly make sure it is ready for action a good lube will do the trick. Of course, applying gun lube can sometimes be irritating, often resulting in wasted lube and extra work on your part to clean up afterwards. With the PWS GunEase Weapon Lubricant Pen Applicator .3 fl oz., you can make lubing your guns much easier and get them ready for use much more quickly.

This applicator was built to be small and sturdy, making for a perfect addition to your field kit. Whether you are on an extended hunting journey or just spending a long day at the range, you can use this applicator to add extra lubrication between shots. Just strip down your gun and apply it to the right spots. This will keep you going for the day and ensure you get the reliability you need out of your firearm.

When you are looking to get a quick and convenient way to lube up any of your firearms, there are few options that compare to this simple applicator.


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