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PWS Enhanced Suppressor Weight Buffer

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Whether you are building a new rifle from the group up or just now deciding to add a suppressor to your existing rifle, it is important that you account for the change in weight. Adding the extra weight to the front of your gun means that you will want to compensate by adjusting the weight elsewhere. Most important among that is to pay attention to the buffer, which will help you control the gun while firing. When this is what you need, the PWS Enhanced Suppressor Weight Buffer is the perfect option to consider.

Built to compensate for the added weight of a suppressor, this buffer weighs in at a hefty 6.9 ounces. It is made from 4140 steel to offer the absolute best in longevity and durability. The nickel Teflon coating used on the exterior helps to prevent carbon from sticking and the low contact points ensure that debris falls into the channels without interfering with performance.

If you are looking for a buffer that will work well with your suppressed rifle, then this might be exactly what you need.


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