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Training with your weapon is essential if you want to be able to respond appropriately when the need to use it arises. Having the right weight, trigger pull, charging handle, even the magazine; they all make a big difference in the field. If you do not train properly with your weapon, you could make the littlest mistake in the field, which could severely compromise your mission. Of course, training can also be extremely expensive, especially with the high costs of popular ammo like 5.56 NATO. To help overcome this obstacle, Plinker Arms, LLC looks to release helpful alternatives that feel like the real thing but shoot simple .22 LR ammo.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry a variety of Plinker Arms parts and accessories, keeping them in stock and ready to ship. This helps ensure you are able to get a great deal on the items you need while also giving you the fastest shipping times in the industry. More importantly, our customer service team is dedicated to giving you the individual attention you deserve as you order. If you have any questions, please give us a call so we can help. Otherwise, enjoy your convenient shopping experience.

Bringing Their Image to Life

In 2011, two dedicated shooting hobbyists brought their dream to life when they started up Plinker Arms, LLC in Cornelius, North Carolina. Operating under the name Plinker Tactical, this pair of dedicated shooters worked to develop .22 rifle enhancements that would actually make it look and feel like a real 5.56 Mil-Spec weapon. Looking at the growing cost of 5.56 ammo, they wanted to release an alternative that would let shooters still get practical training while instead using the inexpensive .22 LR cartridge. They began their work on the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, working to build components that could be used to enhance the performance and serve as an actual training implement. Though only on the market for a short time, these products are recognized for their effectiveness.

Simple Magazine Designs and Load Assist Accessory

Hoping to perfectly mimic your battle rifle, the Plinker .22 caliber magazine was built to work with your M&P15-22 and offers a 35 round capacity. Unlike the standard magazine, these variants were built to look and feel like the real deal, helping to more accurately emulate training with a full-powered battle rifle.

To build these magazines, Plinker Tactical relies on the highest quality polymers. They make them impact and solvent resilient, ensuring life-long durability like you would expect from a standard AR magazine. Unlike many .22 mags, there are no screws exposed and it sticks to a standard layout to emulate the real deal. They come with a 100% life time guarantee, ensuring you can trust them to last through your training exercises.

If loading your magazine is a hassle, you might also pick up the Load Assist accessory. This is made from a durable polymer design and is built to be inserted directly into the magazine. It allows for faster reloading and will help you fill your practice magazines more quickly.

A Charging Handle That Feels Right

Of course, the magazine is not the only part they account for. Also designed to work with the M&P15-22, this high quality charging handle replaces the stock option with a 100% aluminum construction for a more durable design. It operates with a steel oversized, ambidextrous latch to ensure easy operation. It uses a true combat pattern, ensuring that you can practice with your weapon like you would under real combat situations. Like their magazines, these charging handles come with a lifetime guarantee, helping to ensure you get the performance you need during your training exercises.

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