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When you are looking for Overwatch Precision Glock triggers or any other parts for sale, Omaha Outdoors should be your first destination. If you are building a pistol for any professional purposes, or even if you are just looking for a more accurate and reliable way to keep your family safe, there are plenty of great upgrades to get you started. Among those upgrades, getting a new trigger is one way to ensure you have more consistent groupings, are able to more accurately and reliably hit your mark, and offers an extra level of performance. Known for their quality trigger systems, Overwatch Precision offers everything you need to get started, including some other accessories and parts you might need.

Offering a full inventory of Overwatch Precision in stock and ready to ship, Omaha Outdoors is ready to receive your order. Maintaining this extensive inventory online allows us to offer some of the fastest shipping in the industry today, which means you get the items you need more quickly and can focus on upgrading your weapon rather than shopping around for what you need. Each of these parts is manufactured for the absolute best performance in the field today. So, give us a call with any questions you might have or use our convenient sorting features below to find what you need. We look forward to serving you and keeping you right on target.

Building Around Overwatch Precision Parts

Since the company’s inception, Overwatch Precision has been looking for new and innovative ways to improve the performance of your favorite firearms. Recognizing that the industry is over-saturated with flashy products, gimmicky inventions, and often lackluster performance features, Overwatch decided to take the high road. As a company, they are committed to providing products that push the limits of modern technology and allow for a higher degree of performance in the field. Using the best materials and most advanced manufacturing procedures, they provide some of the best parts to the modern urban warrior.

Overwatch Precision Glock Triggers for Sale

If you are looking to get a flat-faced trigger that was designed to stand up to real-world situations, Overwatch Precision could be just what you need. So far, they have released two different trigger options and offer these triggers for virtually any Glock model you might have. The first trigger you might consider is the Defense Applications Trigger (DAT). This offers a direct drop-in replacement for your OEM Glock trigger group and is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum for the best durability. It uses 316 stainless steel coiled spring pins. The trigger shoe and safety tab also feature a type III hard coat anodized finish for extra durability. Thanks to its shortened trigger reach and reduced pre-travel, you can enjoy a smooth and crisp pull every time.

In addition to the performance features, this DAT is offered in a variety of colors, including black cherry, midnight blue, and burnt gold. Since you can opt for a different safety shoe color, you can get a truly customized look. Alternatively, you might consider the flat-faced TAC trigger. This features similar performance upgrades, but is available in only black and gunmetal gray. Keep in mind, this trigger does not change the overall pull weight without also adjusting other components. Beyond offering these Overwatch Precision Glock triggers for sale, we are also happy to provide a variety of other parts to fill your needs.

Other Overwatch Precision Parts to Consider

If you are looking to upgrade your favorite Glock further, there are also some other great parts you might consider from Overwatch Precision. The most important for the trigger is the NP3 Plated Glock 4.5 lb. Minus Connector. This is manufactured to go along with either of the custom triggers and provide a reduced trigger pull. It features an NP3 finish, which matches the final finish on the connecting trigger parts and ensures smooth compatibility. With this in place, you can enjoy a crisp and consistent pull every time.

Carry Your Upgraded Pistol the Right Way

Beyond these parts you would use to upgrade your pistol, Overwatch Precision is also known for some great concealed carry holsters. Built specifically for some of the most popular Glock models, these holsters use a minimalistic approach to offer the best concealed option. The skeletonized holsters use a precision mold and offer great retention as you go about your business. Meanwhile, the slim profile makes it easy to conceal under your clothing and hide your weapon without compromising. When it comes time to draw, the simple design ensures you don’t snag on your clothing. In addition to the standard Glock pistol magazines, Overwatch also manufactures a standard magazine holder, allowing you to keep some spare mags on hand. This way, you are never short on ammo when the need arises in the urban jungle.

Keep Your Gun Loaded with Overwatch Magazines

Finally, you might want to consider picking up some extra magazines while you are shopping for these parts. Overwatch Precision works with PMAG designs and currently manufactures standard 9mm 15-round and 17-round options for your Glock. They also make 30-round 5.56 NATO magazines for your favorite AR. Regardless of what else you buy, having extra magazines is always a good idea and these are made with high quality polymer parts, a controlled-tilt follower, and a rigid floorplate to ensure durability and longevity.

Shop for Overwatch Precision from Omaha Outdoors

Whether you need one of these popular items or another part from Overwatch Precision, shopping online should be easy and convenient. Thanks to the extensive inventory available here at Omaha Outdoors, we ensure you are able to take care of what you need without the hassle of shopping around town. This way, you find the parts you need and get the convenience you are after. Whether it is upgrading your favorite pistol with a new trigger system or equipping yourself with a better holster to transport that weapon in, this is your number one place to shop.

Ultimately, shooting involves a lot of different variables and ensuring that all of those variables are taken care of is important if you want to get the most out of your weapon. By using these parts, you can take responsibility for your success and give yourself the best chance for survival. If you have any questions, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Our team of professional shooters understands Overwatch Precision parts and can help you make the right choice. Once you are ready, just place your order below. We look forward to serving you and sending your new parts directly.

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