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Few companies have influenced their industry the way Magpul has over the last dozen or so years. Having gone from an obscure AR-15/M4 magazine pull (Mag Pul) manufacturer to the designer of the first reliable and commercially successful polymer AR-15 magazine (PMAG) to its new inroads on the phone case and apparel markets, Magpul Industries commands immediate respect and admiration not only for its product line but also for its commitment to American manufacturing.

Marines Take Ten Years to Figure Out PMAG is Good

The biggest and most exciting piece of news Magpul has had recently is the adoption of the Gen M3 PMAG by the United States Marine Corps. Previously, concerns about minor dimensional differences between the magazine wells of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle and the M16/M4 rifle and carbine kept the Marines from authorizing the same reliable and durable magazines that have seen widespread use by civilians and Special Operations Forces alike. The GenM3 version, however, fits both magwells and was the only magazine which passed all of the tests in all of the weapons that the Marines could throw at the mag.

Furthermore, the Gen M3 PMAG will now be available in the new Medium Coyote Tan to better match the desert camouflage of the Marine Corps’ uniforms and equipment as well as to broaden the appeal of the PMAG among the more fashion conscious buyers of rifle magazines. This color is in addition to the previous Sand and Flat Dark Earth (FDE) versions of the magazine.

Before this new gear adoption, Marines who wanted to get more funding for their cash-strapped units had to claim they’d broken all their magazines. Given that Marines will have a hard time breaking the ultra reliable and durable Magpul PMAG, they will instead have to say they lost the PMAGs due to their new and ultra concealable Medium Coyote Tan color.

Magpul: Something For Everyone

Magpul is of course more than the PMAG, much like Porsche is more than the 911. The Magpul UBR stock and PRS Gen 3 buttstock as well as the MOE SL-S are some of the most sought after rifle stocks on the market. Magpul MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) grips, handguards, magazines, stocks, and other parts like the MBUS and MBUS Pro back-up iron sights (BUIS) are now, you guessed it, original equipment on many large AR-15 and AR-10 manufacturer produced rifles. Magpul has also expanded into other areas of the tactical firearms market with magazines for the AK-47 and Glock as well as handguards, grips, and fixed and folding Magpul stocks for the AK. Magpul’s AFG is a favorite of airsofters everywhere.

They’ve even started designing and manufacturing furniture for Remington and Mossberg shotguns and mass-market rifles like the Remington 700 and Ruger 10/22. The M-LOK accessory attachment system is rapidly gaining in terms of market share, with many other manufacturers of aluminum handguards for the AR platform choosing M-LOK over the similar but less desirable KeyMod system due to M-LOK’s greater durability and lower failure rate.

But How Do I Quietly Say I’m a Magpul Guy When I’m Not at the Range?

In terms of Magpul products which do not attach to or otherwise become one with a firearm, there is the Magpul mobile phone case known as the Field case, made with the same polymer used in Magpul firearm accessories and featuring a pattern similar to the PMAG. It’s a great low-key way to mark your iPhone or Android as belonging to a member of the shooting community, but beyond that, it’s also just a great and reasonably priced phone case which also happens to be made in the USA.

Lastly, Magpul apparel including belts, gloves, shirts, and other hard-use but stylish gear may soon challenge some great American brands when it comes to workwear.


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