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For some shooters, simply having a firearm to take the range is enough. For those shooters who understand real performance, there is a lot more that goes into finding just the right fit. If you are one of those shooters that simply must have the best of everything, then Magpul was created for you. Featuring a variety of great stocks, magazines, and other firearm accessories, Omaha Outdoors carries just the variety you need to build your perfect weapon.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have Magpul slings, mags, stocks, foregrips, and etc for sale. Keeping a variety of these items in stock, we ensure that you can always find what you need without the hassle often associated with online shopping. Our goal is to be your number one provider for all things Magpul, which is why we always put our best foot forward when it comes to service. This, coupled with our fast shipping promise, ensures you get what you need quickly.

About Magpul Industries

Founded in 1999 by Richard M. Fitzpatrick, Magpul was developed to provide shooters with a variety of great accessories, namely for rifles. With a headquarters in Austin, Texas, they quickly built a reputation for quality and are now used by a variety of other companies to provide standard components such as stocks and grips. The company is made of three different entities, two of which are built around training while the third, Magpul Industries, delivers firearm accessories.

Magpul Latest Release

One of the latest developments from Magpul is the M-LOK system. This innovative new system was designed to provide for a modular accessory system that makes it possible to directly attach accessories without having to remove parts. In effect, it makes accessory attachment easier without causing any additional complications. It can be used with picatinny rail sections and other accessories and provides for a solid foundation to use on any combat rifle.

They also offer a variety of Glock magazines built to a higher standard. This will help ensure you get a a magazine that is really as capable as the weapon itself and comes ready to perform. Shooters might also check out their new drum magazines, which still offer reliable performance while delivering high ammunition capacities.

Magpul has also made a recent push to develop new stocks for the Ruger 10/22 and Remington 700 rifle. These new stocks are made with high strength polymer that combines lightweight performance with a durable design, ensuring that you get the most out of your rifles. If you want something different, you might also explore the new AK-47 furniture parts offered.

Mapgul Magazines

One reason many shooters originally turned to Magpul was for their PMAG mags and magazine accessories. These magazines are designed with a high-strength polymer and a powerful spring that will ensure long-life no matter what conditions it might encounter. If you are looking for a magazine design that will put up with stresses of tactical use, there are few companies out there competing with the durability and reliability of Magpul today.

Magpul Grips and Stocks

Another popular option to consider is custom grips for your firearm. If you are serious about shooting, you understand that grips can make a massive difference in your shooting accuracy. A comfortable grip ensures you can aim properly and always stay on target. If you are in a tactical situation, it also ensures you have better follow ups and don’t lose your own grip on the weapon. Among these, shooters can select from a variety of excellent grips. If you want an even more secure on your weapon, you should check out one of their foregrips, which will help to keep a positive hold on your rifle under stressful working conditions.

After you get your grips situation, you might also look for some good handguards to make a more comfortable fit. Like grips, a good handguard can make a big difference, especially if you need something for tactical situations or regular duty use. The better you can fit your firearm to your hand, the better your performance will be when it really counts.

Magpul also makes some of the most innovative buttstocks in the industry. Many of these are made to be fully adjustable, allowing for mere seconds to change the configuration to fit your immediate needs. Regardless, each of the buttstocks comes with performance in mind, offering great comfort and an ergonomic design that will keep you on target in the field.

Magpul Slings & Mounts

Magpul also makes some great slings and sling mounts for both rifles and shotguns alike. If you have an AK-47 and want to add a good sling, you can easily find all the equipment you need. We carry all variety of these accessories to make sure you can easily set up your tactical firearm for sling usage. The QD swivel sling mounts are what the foundation for these great sling options. With a push-button capability for attachment, you can quickly add this mount to any attachment point and be on your way.

Magpul offers a variety of great slings for use, including their MS1 and MS2 series. Of course, the newer designs like the MS3 have grown in popularity. This innovative sling can quickly switch between one-point and two-point configurations, making it easily adaptable depending on your mission. It features the Magpul Paraclip for easy attachment. Alternatively, the MS4 features a similar design but uses the push-button QD sling swivel instead of the Paraclip.

At Omaha Outdoors, our mission is to become your one-stop-shop for all shooting needs. We can only accomplish this by providing unmatched service and exceptionally fast shipping. If you can’t find what you are looking for online, please call us directly.

We look forward to talking with you and helping you get the weapon you are really looking for.

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