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When you are looking for Les Baer triggers to keep you on target, Omaha Outdoors is the best place to start. If you are a competitive shooter, you already understand how important a trigger is to your performance, but if even if you’re not, you still might benefit from a good replacement. Having a smooth, crisp trigger pull will help provide you with consistent accuracy that you can trust every time. A barrel might be where accuracy begins, but to keep your shots tight and your groupings consistent you will need a good trigger to get the job done. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry a wide selection of aftermarket triggers to ensure you are able to get the performance you need. This includes the best Les Baer triggers as well as some other popular options to help build your ultimate weapon. Whether you need this new trigger to improve your competitive performance or you are just after a fast-response option to use in the field, these are definitely a good place to start. So, browse the inventory below and when you are ready, go ahead and place your order.

Using Custom Les Baer Triggers

While the overall construction of a Les Baer 1911 is made for accuracy and reliability, the one part most responsible for the consistency of these weapons is the trigger. Made with the same attention to detail as all their other parts, Les Baer triggers are purpose-driven and provide you with plenty of options depending on what you are after. The Baer Speed Trigger is adjustable for overtravel and takeup. It is oversized at the trigger pad to provide a tighter fit on whatever 1911 you use it on and makes for an excellent defensive option. On the other hand, competitors might consider a match trigger instead. The Long Match Trigger is actually nearly identical to the Speed Trigger, but it doesn't feature holes. This construction can be preferable for some competitors. Those who prefer a shorter trigger pull, or those who just have shorter fingers, might instead opt for the Short Match Trigger. As you would expect, it features the same overall construction but offers a shorter length to achieve the desired outcome.

A Geissele Two-Stage Trigger Group

Though Les Baer likes to mostly use their own custom parts, once in a while they are known for pulling from outside. In the case of AR designs, most models use a Geissele two-stage trigger group. This is trusted by many different custom AR manufacturers as the absolute highest quality option on the market today. It is fully adjustable for precision and easily installed on your next rifle build. Offering a crisp and smooth trigger pull, you can trust it to deliver consistent performance no matter what you are building that rifle for.

Order All Your Les Baer Parts and Accessories

Of course, while a trigger might be essential to keeping those groupings tight, it is far from the only part you need to stay on target. Omaha Outdoors is proud to offer a wide selection of other Les Baer parts, including essentials like barrels, magazines, and grips. If it is a rifle you are building, you might also want to consider some other brands to get the upper, lower, bolt carrier group, or various other parts. As a fully-stocked provider, we are able to send these parts your way. Regardless of whether you just order some new Les Baer triggers for your various firearms or you are looking to stock up on some of these additional parts, Omaha Outdoors makes your experience online easy and convenient. When you have selected the items you need, simply place your order below and we will have it sent your way quickly. If you are unsure about what you might need or have any questions, simply pick up the phone and give us a call directly. We look forward to sending your new parts and keeping you at the top of your shooting game.

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