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If you want Les Baer magazines, you have come to the right place. Though so many shooters put time and energy into their firearms, it is easy for them to forget about the little details that can really make that time worthwhile. After you upgrade your gun with new parts, you need to follow up with regular maintenance and cleaning. So, you buy your brushes, oils, solvents, cotton swabs, and more. Of course, you keep it clean so you can shoot it, so you buy plenty of ammo to keep it well-fed. Still, there is one more component that brings it all together - the magazine. Naturally, the magazine is that part you really need if you hope to fire any rounds through your favorite firearm. Having a few extra on hand can make for a much faster reload time, which can really help out in a self-defense situation. They come in handy for competitive shooters as well, allowing for plenty of magazines to be loaded during practice and also enables easy access during competition. Whether for your favorite 1911 or for one of your other firearms, we have the Les Baer magazines you are after.

Les Baer Magazines for Your 1911

Establishing its reputation around the 1911 platform, it makes sense that Les Baer magazines would have the same attention to detail as the other components on this legendary handgun. Spending months looking over various competitor designs, working with the many options out there, and really testing out what worked, Les Baer went to the drawing board with their magazine design. Developing completely unique and original tooling, it uses the best stainless steel available to create a flawless magazine design. Using a special lip and follower design, Les Baer has truly developed a smooth operation that can be trusted for any of your 1911 models. It is available in both 7-round and 8-round capacities and is made for standard Government and Commander/Commanche models. Alternatively, you can also find a 7-round Stinger magazine, which offers that smaller size you need for carry. Regardless of which you choose, you can trust that it will deliver reliable performance every time you pull the trigger.

Keep Your Rifles Loaded As Well

Similar to how Les Baer put serious attention into developing its 1911 magazines, the rifle mags were carefully chosen for their strength and durability. Most rifle designs, whether they are chambered in .223 Rem, 5.56 NATO, or .308 Win use a standard 20-round magazine. In most cases, Les Baer actually includes Magpul magazines for its rifles, as these are made more than tough enough for the job at hand. For more precise applications, they do offer their own magazines as well. One rifle that breaks the mold a bit is the unique .264 LBC-AR. This model uses a custom 14-round magazine and if you want the best, you will shop directly here for OEM options.

Omaha Outdoors Sells Ammunition and Other Parts

While magazines are definitely an essential part of your collection, they are far from the only thing you need. If you hope to keep all of these magazines at the ready, you will want to begin by ordering some extra ammo to go along with them. Beyond this, you may also want to look at getting some parts to improve the performance of your guns. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry Les Baer custom parts as well as many of the most popular brands on the market today. This gives you a wide selection and ensures you are able to outfit your firearm for action in the field. Of course, Omaha Outdoors strives to do much more than just deliver you a wide range of shooting and outdoor products. Instead, we work every day to ensure you get the individual customer service and attention you need. If you have any questions, go ahead and give us a call directly. Someone on our staff will be more than delighted to help. When you are ready, be prepared to experience how quickly items can really ship when you order online, as our shipping team is second to none. We strive to become your first destination when you need anything for the outdoors, so order your Les Baer magazines below and start enjoying your purchases as soon as they arrive.

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