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If you want some Les Baer grips to use on either your pistol or rifle, this is the place to look. Whether for tactical applications, home defense, or competition purposes, upgrading a firearm can go a long way to ensuring it is ready for action. All of these applications requires a high level of precision, which makes any amount of time and energy worth the effort to improve your weapon system. Once you make the necessary upgrades, you know you have a firearm that is ready to deliver whenever and wherever you are. When you are after this type of firearm performance, you need more than just a factory firearm. Instead, you look for every way to improve your guns so they can perform at the highest level. This means enhanced accuracy, more reliability, and consistency that keeps you hitting your mark every time. While there are a variety of parts that you might want to change out first, one of those parts you definitely need to pay attention to are the grips. With Les Baer grips on your favorite rifle or handgun, you can enjoy a beautiful look to complement the weapon and also unwavering comfort that will see you through your next mission.

Grips for Your Sporting Rifle

Recognizing the importance of a good grip, Les Baer puts the same care and attention to designing the grips for their rifles as they do the barrels. Coming from a company that produces 1/2 MOA barrels, this certainly holds a lot of weight in the shooting community. The primary AR-style pistol grips are available in three major configurations, allowing shooters to really find the one that fits their needs. The Standard Style AR grip offers the familiar look and feel, featuring texturing along the sides and backstrap as well as a middle groove for extra support. Alternatively, they offer an AR Grip with extended material under the trigger guard, which forgoes the extra finger groove but features that extra material up top. Finally, the soft-style Finger Groove grip features an enhanced texture around the entire grip and provides standard finger grooves for enhanced handling. In addition to the standard pistol grip, you may also want a good foregrip option. Naturally, they produce a good handguard to help with this. It uses a four-position, free-floating design, allowing you to attach various accessories around the barrel. One of the most important accessories to consider is the Versa-Pod Vertical grip. This can be slid onto your rail and allows for easy mounting to stay fixed in place. With the vertical grip deployed, you can better handle whatever you encounter.

Les Baer 1911 Grips

If there is one thing you can trust to match the quality of items from Les Baer, it is the style. When you consider Les Baer grips, you would be missing out if you didn't look at the Premium Checkered Grips for your favorite 1911 pistol. Whether you are modifying your old model or looking to design one from the ground up, these wooden grips offer the classic double diamond checkering and a natural wood finish that will turn heads. Shipped with a flat bottom and without the housing pin cut out, these are for the serious 1911 fan.

Beyond Les Baer Grips

While grips are certainly an important part of the equation, they are far from the only things you will need to get the high level of performance you are after. After you have added the grips you need to your cart, you might also want to look at some of the other Les Baer parts for sale online. We offer a wide inventory of the best parts, like barrels, magazines, triggers, and more. This will allow you to make all of the changes to your firearms to get the absolute best performance for whatever you are after. Of course, most people choose to shop at Omaha Outdoors not just because of our wide selection of products, but also because we provide individual attention to every customer. If you have any questions, you can always pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Once you place your order, you will discover one of the other reasons so many have come to trust us for their shooting and outdoor needs. Our prompt shipping will have your items on their way in no time, getting you ready to move forward with those updates. So, whether you just need new Les Baer grips or are looking for something else, we are here to help.

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