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While a new shooter might look at a gun as a relatively simple device, the truth is that there are a lot of components that go into making a reliable and accurate firearm. The frame needs to be tough and rigid, able to house the other components and provide for a sturdy foundation. The slide needs to be similarly constructed, well-fitted to the frame for smooth operations wherever you go. With a rifle, you might consider the upper and lower receiver instead, but the compatibility needs remain similar regardless. Beyond these larger parts, there are a variety of other important components to consider as well. Triggers are often one of those parts that shooters look closely at, as it helps provide smooth performance wherever you are. Naturally, the safety is another special component to consider, offering you safe operation without interfering with your consistent operations. There are also various springs, pins, and other small parts that help to provide a solid foundation. Among those various internal parts, perhaps the most important is the barrel. A good barrel is rifled specifically for accuracy with your chosen caliber and provides tight groupings on the target. Just as important as this though, is that it is manufactured from the toughest materials to provide longevity.

Barrels for Your Les Baer 1911

When it comes to building 1911s for precision accuracy, few companies have a reputation that even comes close to that earned by Les Baer. For many decades, this proud company has produced match-grade barrels on each of their pistols and though there is more to it than just the barrel, these guns all come with an accuracy guarantee at 25 yards; that is hard to match. While the rest of the components you are using might affect this figure as well, you can trust that any Les Baer barrels you consider will be up to the task. Each of these options is manufactured from 4350 steel with great attention to detail. All critical areas are oversized to ensure proper fitting and the rear locking lug is also oversized so you can always obtain a central firing pin strike. With smooth and consistent bores, you can trust that the precision rifling on these barrels will send your bullets flying true. While .45 ACP might be the standard, these barrels are actually made in a variety of calibers and lengths. For .45 ACP, you can get a Commanche-length 4.25" barrel, standard 5" barrel, or extended 6" barrel. The only other model also available in these three sizes is the .38 Super. Next, the 9mm, and .400 COR-BON are both offered in 5" or 6" configurations. Finally, they also offer a .40 S&W 5" barrel. Pay attention, as some offer a supported chamber while others do not.

Les Baer Rifle Barrels

While the 1911 platform is definitely what Les Baer is best known for, they also provide some exceptional rifle barrels to choose from as well. These barrels are made to be bench rest quality and provide the exceptional performance you would expect from anything with the Les Baer name. Each model is precision manufactured from 416R stainless steel. They are precision cut and feature a unique twist based on the caliber and enhanced testing that is load dependent. For instance, the .223 rifle barrels are available with a 1x12, 1x9, 1x8 or 1x7 twist, allowing you to choose the one that you find works best for your cartridge of choice. These various options can come in a 16", 18", 20", 22", or 24" length. The .308 Semi-auto barrel is available in 18", 20", or 24" and features a 1x10 twist standard for accuracy. Next, the .264 LBC-AR barrel is ready in 16”, 20” or 24" with a 1x8 twist only. Or, the 6x45mm barrel leaves some options with a 16”, 20” or 24” length optional and a 1x8 twist or a 1x9.5 twist. The 1x8 is recommended for bullets 100 grain or larger while the 1x9.5 works best for smaller rounds. A newer offering, they also provide a 204 Ruger match barrel. This offers either a 24" or 26" length and uses a 1x10 twist. They also offer some different options on their M4 style heavy and medium barrels that you might consider. Keep in mind, most Les Baer rifles achieve a 1/2 MOA guarantee at 100 yards.

The Les Baer Difference

Whether you are a gunsmith looking to build a custom firearm from the ground up or you just want to upgrade your existing gun for some extra accuracy, a Les Baer barrel is a great place to start. Of course, while the barrels are exceptional, you will find that the various other parts can also be essential to improving your overall performance. With that in mind, Omaha Outdoors also carries other Les Baer parts and accessories to keep you on target. This way, you can get the barrel set up the way you want it and also have that smooth trigger you need to keep your shots consistent. Alternatively, you can pick up parts like magazines and extra ammunition to ensure you are always ready to get in some extra time at the range. Regardless of what you need, Omaha Outdoors is here to be your number one provider for all shooting and outdoor needs. Our convenient online storefront was designed to provide you with the simplest experience available today. Sort through the various popular options or enter the item you need directly into the search bar. If you have trouble finding what you need or have any questions whatsoever, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to sending your new Les Baer barrel and welcoming you into our shooting family.

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