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Heckler and Koch (HK) Tiffany Blue For Sale - Buy Heckler and Koch (HK) Tiffany Blue

When it comes to selecting any firearm for self-defense, the first and most important thing to consider is how well the weapon will actually work under pressure. You don’t just want to buy something because it meets your budget, you also want to buy it because you know it can stand up to the intended purpose. One of the best ways to know this is to look at who uses the weapon most often. With a brand like Heckler and Koch, you know that so many different military and law enforcement shooters trust it to deliver quality performance. Of course, if you have a female shooter in your life, you might want something a bit more unique than just a standard Heckler and Koch. Instead, a proper Tiffany Blue finish can really set the gun apart and will offer something that better matches her favorite color. Using a durable and long-lasting cerakote for this application, we help ensure she will have a firearm to last a lifetime. This way, she will want to join you every time you go to the range and may even decide it is time to start carrying a gun in her purse.

Setting Itself Apart with Tiffany Blue

Call it teal, light blue, robin’s egg blue, or Tiffany Blue. Whatever you want to call it, this simple color is one of the favorite options for females all around the United States. It offers a look that will go with much of the most popular jewelry and some of those special handbags that your lady friend might carry. Typically, applied to the frame of a weapon, it offers a beautiful look that will make any female want to spend some time at the range. At Omaha Outdoors, we have coated a variety of these models and have them in stock and ready to ship. Typically, the finish is applied only to the frame, contrasting nicely with the black slide. Our special USP9 offers another alternative as well, since we removed the factory slide finish and replaced it with a stainless finish of our own. This provides a different look and nicely complements the Tiffany Blue on the frame. As an alternative to these in-stock models, you can also opt for a more unique finish job. Since we apply the finishes in house, you can select this coat be applied to just the slide instead, or both the frame and the slide. If you prefer, you can also look at using it alongside another one of our popular colors.

A Durable Cerakote Finish

Regardless of whether you have a custom job in mind or you opt for one of our pre-finished models, we make sure that your new handgun purchase is made tough to last. Using a cerakote on these guns, your weapon will have a ceramic-like exterior finish. This means a harder surface to survive the elements and enhanced corrosion resistance to handle whatever else might come your way. Most importantly, each of these cerakote finishes are applied by one of our expert technicians. This ensures that the quality is always forefront in our mind when applying the coat. Once the finish is applied, the gun is further inspected to make sure it adheres to our stringent quality standards. From there, we ship out your new firearm with a 12-month workmanship warranty. While this will not protect against abuse on your part, it will ensure that the finish will last for a year, safe from peeling or bubbling. Just treat it right yourself, and it should last for many years to come.

Ordering a Tiffany Blue H&K

When you shop with Omaha Outdoors, you have a couple of options for your cerakote finished guns. The first is to simply order one from our inventory, which is pre-finished and ships out as soon as we get the proper information for your FFL. Alternatively, you can choose to send in one of your own models to receive this cerakote. Once it arrives, expect it to take anywhere from 10-15 business days, but times of high demand can take longer. If that is the case, we will do our best to update you with the most accurate ETA. Once you have decided on which route to go, either pick up the phone and give us a call or use the shopping features below to make your selection. As an online retailer, we pride ourselves in exceptional customer service, as well as providing for the individual attention you need. So, give us a call with your questions or just to place your order. From there, we will get your new (or newly coated) weapon out in the mail as quickly as possible. We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy your new Tiffany Blue H&K model from Omaha Outdoors.


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