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Heckler and Koch Sights for Sale - Buy H&K Sights

No matter what you intend to use your guns for, there are a wide variety of factors that you need to consider if you hope to always perform at your best. Among those factors, reliability is absolutely essential and finding a gun that works under pressure is important. Among the different manufacturers, Heckler and Koch has become trusted by many shooters as being extremely reliable. This reputation has mostly arisen thanks to their use by military and law enforcement officers. Battle-tested and ready to perform, they offer some great options for self-defense, competition, or professional tactical use. Of course, even the most reliable model will do you little good if you fail to have the right sights on your firearm. Sights are offered today in a variety of fashions, with standard iron sights being just one of the many options. Some weapons have integral sights and others rely on adjustable options that allow you to get the best focus on your target. Whatever the case might be, it is important that yours are properly aligned and ready to deliver. At Omaha Outdoors, you can sort through all of the best H&K sights to find exactly what you need to stay on target.

Heckler and Koch Rifle Sights

Heckler and Koch makes some exceptional rifles and though some of these models come with factory sights, others come without any to give you the option. Their fixed front sight diopter is intended for use with the MR556, MR762, HK416, or even AR-15 models built by other manufacturers. It works best with H&K’s rotary rear sight system. On the other hand, you might be more interested in picking up a folding rear sight. These Heckler and Koch sights are available with different sighting options to ensure you can stay on target. The 2mm diopter on the Quickchange rear sight is another great option to consider. Beyond these standard sights, you might be interested in looking at some alternative options. Omaha Outdoors carries a wide variety of reflex sights, including holographic EOTech sights, red dots from Aimpoint, and all of the other major manufacturers as well. Alternatively, you might also want to pick up a scope if you are interested in longer distance shots.

Replacement H&K Handgun Sights

While rifle sights are definitely important, perhaps you are looking for something different on your handgun. Naturally, one of the first options you might consider are those reflex sights listed above, which can help you stay on target and quickly hit your mark when the time comes. If you prefer more standard pistol sights though, there are definitely a variety of great options for you to consider in that department as well. If you own a USP, the Meprolight Tritium adjustable sights may be just what you are looking for. The rear sights can be easily adjusted for windage and elevation and they work with the front sights to offer a tritium insert that keeps you on target during any lighting situation. If you don’t feel you need the complexity of adjustable sights, you might instead opt for the standard USP tritium sights, which provide a more refined look and sleek profile. H&K sights are also available from Meprolight for the P30, HK45, and VP9, which offer you that same night sight performance. These full-size options are just the beginning though, and you will find plenty of other sighting options available right here.

Other Sights and Related Accessories

While you are ordering your new sights, you might also be interested in checking out some of the related accessories that are available online. Heckler and Koch makes a dedicated sight adjustment tool, which is intended for their most popular models and allows you to align your sights properly. Additionally, we carry a variety of H&K lasers and lights, which can help further improve your accuracy and performance in the field. Beyond this, you can order extra ammunition, holsters, magazines, and anything else you might need for your favorite firearms. Regardless of whether you need to replace your current sights or you are looking to upgrade them to include more advanced optics, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping online easy and convenient. Our simple storefront was designed with advanced sorting options and a simple search feature. This allows you to sort through the various options available and gives you the ability to find exactly what you need when you need it. If you have any questions, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Otherwise, select what you need below and place your order with confidence.

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