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Heckler and Koch (HK) Bronze For Sale - Buy Heckler and Koch (HK) Bronze

There are a wide variety of firearm manufacturers out there you might be interested in ordering from. Among those companies, one of the first things you consider is who actually uses guns from those companies. For many years, Heckler and Koch has been a trusted name among military, law enforcement, and private security professionals. With a wide selection of different models and some of the most advanced standard features offered on the market today, one of these exceptional guns may be just what you need. Of course, while H&K might manufacture some of the most reliable designs on the market today, that doesn’t change the fact that these same designs can get a bit old. As a shooter, you don’t want to just fit into a set mold and have the same gun as everyone else. Instead, you might want to have something more unique and personalized to help you stand out. Working with cerakoting services to provide the most unique weapon finishes, Omaha Outdoors is here to help with your next firearm purchase.

How Does the Bronze Really Look?

At Omaha Outdoors, we work with a variety of different custom colors to help ensure you can get the right look. Two of our most popular options in bronze are the Burnt Bronze finish and the Spartan Bronze finish. Burnt Bronze is likely just what you expect, offering an almost gold color of sorts. Its brilliant finish gives your weapon a little bit of welcome flash, allowing it to better stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, the Spartan Bronze is a bit more low profile. It offers a darker color that could be likened to brown or perhaps even a deep shade of red. Regardless of which you select, we give you options on how you want them applied. Since most people want to use this finish on their pistols, this is where we focus with premade designs. Typically, these finishes are applied to either the slide or the frame, and sometimes to both. Similarly, you can have the Burnt Bronze on the slide and the Spartan Bronze on the frame, or the other way around if you prefer. If you don’t like any of the products below, just pick up the phone and give us a call to see what else we can do for you.

Is a Bronze Cerakote the Right Option?

Regardless of how you have the finish applied, here at Omaha Outdoors, we focus our work on using cerakote. This unique coating is applied as a liquid but, when it dries, it solidifies to become more like a ceramic finish. As you can imagine, this provides quite a substantial outer shell, giving your H&K handgun a more durable and hardened exterior. To ensure the highest quality application of this coat, Omaha Outdoors employs professional cerakoting technicians. Our techs are highly trained and experienced with this type of application, so we always do a beautiful job. Once our work is complete, we function test the weapon to ensure that it still works as it is intended and without hiccup. From there, the gun is readied to return and includes our special 12-month workmanship warranty. This warranty protects against any defects in coat quality and ensures that it will maintain that unique new look so long as you care for it.

Getting a Cerakote from Omaha Outdoors

Since we work on applying these cerakotes in-house at Omaha Outdoors, you have some options as a buyer. When you want a bronze H&K model, you can opt to send in your existing firearm for us to apply the finish. Keep in mind, it takes 10-15 days on average once we receive your firearm. If we expect it to take longer due to demand, we will let you know. Of course, if you decide to do this, you get the benefit of a unique coat that really fits your needs. Otherwise, you can simply select one of our in-stock options, giving you a quality finish that offers you the look and performance you are after. Whether you opt to send in your own H&K firearm or you decide to order a new bronze model online, Omaha Outdoors is here to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Our customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions you might have and here to take your orders. With a storefront designed to make the process simple and convenient, you can navigate to just what you need and place your order below. If you have any questions, give us a call. Otherwise, we look forward to serving you.


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