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HK USP9 Compact Stainless Tiffany Blue 9mm 13 RDS 3.58" Handgun

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HK USP9 Compact Stainless Tiffany Blue 9mm 13 RDS 3.58"

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2 Mags



Barrel Length:





Heckler & Koch





Capacity: 13 RDS
Model: USP9 Compact
Finish/Color: Tiffany Blue
Caliber: 9mm

Though there are quite a few women who love shooting for the sake of shooting, perhaps your special someone just doesn’t have the interest in spending time at the range. Before you get your hopes up on capturing her attention, you might want to consider the things that she does like. If she is like most women, she will definitely appreciate something special in that tiffany blue color, which is why we took an HK USP9 and gave it our own creative touch.

Everything about this USP9 is just what you expect when it comes to reliability. It uses the same compact polymer frame with the same texturized grip to provide a solid hold. Outfitted with its accurate 3.58” barrel and supported by fixed sights, it provides you with accurate performance every time you pull the trigger. Chambered in 9mm, it will deliver 13 rounds of ammo and provides a great feel while providing the reliability you need.

To capture the attention of those female shooters, our certified cerakote experts took the tiffany blue coating and covered the frame. Realizing that the factory high polished stainless slide complimented this color perfect, this was left as is. The rubber bases were also left alone as this coating does not work on rubber or other similar materials. Once this custom work was done, the weapon was function tested. As with all our coated models, it comes with a 12 month workmanship warranty.

So, if you want to find a reliable pistol that will really capture your special lady’s attention and get her to be more interested in shooting, this specially coated model from Omaha Outdoors could be the way to go.


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