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Glock Triggers & Components For Sale - Buy Glock Triggers & Components

If you are looking for Glock triggers or other components, you have come to the right place. Of all the firearms on the market today, few have a reputation that compares to the Glock handgun. Law enforcement and military organizations around the world have started using this platform as their go-to model for all variety of applications. These guns are trusted not just because of their reliable manufacturing process, but also because of their extreme durability and exceptional factory accuracy. Even competition shooters have trusted the Glock for many years, making some sensible upgrades to ensure they are able to hit their mark every time. Among those upgrades, the Glock trigger is one of the first places you might want to start. Triggers can have a significant impact on your shooting performance. The right trigger will allow for a smooth, crisp pull, keeping your groupings nice and tight. While it might not receive as much attention as the barrel, it is an absolutely essential part of the gun, especially if you are interested in competitive performance. Whether you want to pick up a new factory trigger for your standard model or you are looking for something more specialized, Omaha Outdoors has the selection you need.

What Makes the Glock Trigger So Exceptional?

For anyone who has owned a Glock before, the trigger is one of the notable parts of the equation. It is integral to the “safe action” system, which forgoes a standard safety and instead uses a simple plunger on the trigger to ensure safe carry. When it comes time to hit your target, you simply make sure your finger properly covers the trigger and plunger and the gun is ready to shoot. With this system, shooters are able to get a smooth and reliable pull every time. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry trigger assemblies for all of the most popular Glock models. This way, you can replace your old one or work on building a new Glock from the ground up. Of course, if you are interested in precision performance such as you would require during a competition, you might instead consider some of the more specialized options on the market.

Sort Through Custom Trigger Options

In addition to the standard triggers shown here, Omaha Outdoors is proud to carry Agency Arms Triggers. These drop-in triggers are designed as a flat-faced replacement for your standard factory work. Unlike most aftermarket updates, they actually use a special polishing on most of the parts rather than replace them all-together. The aluminum flat shoe used on these is available in either black or grey and provides a crisp 3.5 lb. pull thanks to the other work, which is effectively 1 lb. lighter than the standard factory option. Alternatively, you might be interested in exploring ZEV Technologies Triggers instead. ZEV actually develops a variety of different trigger options, each of them offering their own appeal. Whether it is for competition purposes or professional duty use, you will find that these are able to provide exceptional performance when you need them most.

Build the Perfect Glock Pistol

If you are looking for an aftermarket trigger to use on your favorite Glock, then you likely don’t want to stop there. Omaha Outdoors carries all of the essential parts and accessories you need to create the perfect project Glock for competition or self-defense purposes. This includes everything from barrels and slides to smaller components like pin kits or magazine bases. Whether you purchase all of the parts at once or build them up over time, these upgrades can significantly improve your performance. Of course, we also carry extra magazines and ammunition to ensure you can keep your favorite handgun ready with plenty of ammo. With an online storefront organized to help facilitate the easiest possible shopping experience, Omaha Outdoors is your number one destination for all parts related to the Glock platform. Our service team is ready throughout the week to help with your orders, so if you have any questions please pick up the phone and give us a call directly. Otherwise, select the items you need below and place your order online. We look forward to serving you and hope to give you the best options for upgrading your Glock.


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