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Tiffany Blue Glocks For Sale – Buy Glock Tiffany Blue Teal Guns Online

Sometimes, picking out a gift for your wife or girlfriend can seem like an impossible task. You might decide to get some jewelry, but then you always wonder whether or not she will like it. Getting your lady a gift doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Now, you can get her a piece she will love while also encouraging her to participate in a sport that you love. These Glock Tiffany Blue models are uniquely made here at Omaha Outdoors so you never have to guess again on what to give her.

Featuring Glock’s Legendary Performance

Made using the standard Glock model pistols that you have come to love and respect, these special finishes are offered to provide that unbeatable performance. They have a durable polymer frame that can take a beating and include the “safe action” system, which ensures your special lady can quickly draw and fire in a pinch. Of course, the performance is only the beginning.

Showcasing a Beautiful Cerakote Finish

You might see a light blue or teal color, but what your wife sees is that familiar Tiffany Blue. This unique cerakote was specially mixed here at Omaha Outdoors to ensure you could get that unique look that your lady would adore. Before applying the finish, the magazine release is removed and left with the factory black. From there, the entire frame is coated and the magazine bases are as well. Most of the models also remove the factory slide finish and replace it with Satin Aluminum, which really contrasts with the blue nicely. Alternatively, we also offer the Black Edition, which uses a flat black coat in place of the factory tenifer slide finish. Whichever version you prefer, you can choose between a variety of items in stock, including the popular G43, G19, and G42 for those who need a smaller caliber.

Our Quality Process and Workmanship Guarantee

At Omaha Outdoors, we always put our customer’s needs first, which is why we strive to provide the absolute best in customer service. In addition to this extraordinary service, we believe that your pistol should be pristine, which is why we employ certified cerakoting technicians, who are trained and ready to apply the coating just right. After each job is done, the handgun is performance tested to ensure it still functions properly. Once everything looks good, we are able to prepare the item for sale, which includes our 12 month workmanship warranty. This protects against any issues that might have occurred when applying the finish and gives you peace of mind when ordering. When you want to include your wife or girlfriend in your shooting trips, make sure she has a gun she will enjoy. One of these tiffany blue models are sure to keep you both happy and give you the peace of mind that she knows how to defend herself.

Tiffany Blue Glocks For Sale


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