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Gray Glocks For Sale – Buy Glock Grey Guns Online

There is no questioning the reliability and durability of a Glock. Despite concerns when they were initially introduced, it quickly became apparent that this polymer pistol would become an excellent choice for both military and law enforcement personnel. Of course, with the evolving needs of these professionals and the new manufacturing procedures, Glock is continually developing new options and advancing their designs. Among those options, they now are able to provide shooters with a Gray finished Glock. Instead of the typical black frame, this offers a new look that can better work into the daily routine.

A Lipsey’s Exclusive Gray Finish

With modern operators, there is more of a demand than ever before to go with more low-profile colors. Among those colors, a good gray is a little less noticeable than the traditional black frame. It matches the urban colors you might encounter and is ideal for a law enforcement or tactical professional. With their exclusive manufacturing deal, Lipsey’s produces these pistols using a factory grey finish. This way, you can have a more unique look while still having the performance you want from a Glock.

The Same Rugged Glock

Other than the finish on the frame, this pistol is exactly what you would expect from something manufactured by Glock. It features the dependable “safe action” system, which maintains safety as you carry while allowing you a true point and shoot solution as it sheds the need for a manual safety. The generation 4 models feature a newly texturized grip pattern, which works with the ergonomic design to ensure you keep a firm hold of the handgun under any working conditions. Coupled with the new dual recoil spring design, it allows for easier cleaning while providing an even more reliable action than before. Naturally, the lightweight polymer frame is made to take a beating and will keep up with you wherever you might need it.

Models Available at Omaha Outdoors

Since 9mm seems to be one of the most popular options in this Gray finish, Omaha Outdoors regularly keeps both the G17 and G19 in stock. Many of these models not only utilize this unique Gray finish, but they also offer special Vickers Tactical upgrades, which include FDE baseplates, a Vickers slide stop and magazine catch, as well as Wilson Combat VT sights. The result is a more reliable and refined pistol than before and with the unique look it is sure to become one of your favorite models to shoot. Of course, we also keep some other models in stock as well, including the .45 ACP G21, the 10mm G20, and the .40 S&W G22/G23. Regardless of which model you are looking for, you will enjoy the special factory finish on these weapons and can feel sure that you are getting a more unique handgun you can trust.

Grey Glocks For Sale


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