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FDE Glocks For Sale – Buy Glock Flat Dark Earth / Tan Online

Just like the old cars that were only offered in black, many shooters remember a time where your options for an individual firearm were limited to just one. Revolvers were typically either blued or nickel and pistols were most often just black. Today, people are able to get all different variety of colors on their weapons. Among those, you might be interested in FDE/Tan.

A Modern Factory Finish

Many times, people are hesitant to purchase custom aftermarket finishes because they are not sure how they will hold up. With these tan models, you don’t have to worry about this at all. Featuring a factory finish, you get that unique modern look without worrying about whether it will stand up to your regular usage.

Featuring the Same Performance You Trust

If you have owned a Glock in the past, you might be a little hesitant to buy one with a custom finish. After all, they used to just offer these pistols in black. Fortunately for you, these new frames are offered with the same quality construction as before, which means that polymer will take just as much of a beating. In addition to this, it uses that familiar “safe action” system, allowing you a great advantage as you can draw and fire the weapon without worrying about whether or not the safety is deactivated. At Omaha Outdoors, we take these FDE Glocks and offer you all variety of models to get the job done. Whether you want the classic G17 or a larger G21 to make sure you get the job done right, you can find what you need. In addition to this, we also provide some Vickers Tactical models, which use this factory finish and add in some special features, such as their Wilson Combat Sights and custom slide stop and mag catch. Of course, you might also want to consider some of our special finishes as well.

Special Cerakoted Options

In addition to these factory finished flat dark earth models, Omaha Outdoors also uses certified cerakote technicians to apply high quality coatings on your favorite models. Sometimes, we take these factory frames and add our own personal touch, giving you a more unique look. One great example is the special marble finish being offered online today, which uses three different flat dark earth tones to offer a unique marble look. You can also pair these finishes with another cerakote of your choice, and all of our coated weapons are function tested afterwards to ensure they still work properly. They also include a 12-month workmanship warranty, ensuring the work was done right. If you have any questions about getting one of these unique models or just want to place your order over the phone, simply give us a call directly. We look forward to helping you and providing you with the finish you are looking for.

FDE Glocks For Sale


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