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Every once in a while, a company comes along that is not afraid to break all the rules and challenge those things that have been accepted as reality. In the firearm community, that company is Glock. Since the introduction of its “safe action pistol,” it has been producing some of the world’s most iconic and reliable firearms.

When you are looking to get your next Glock, there is no better destination online than Omaha Outdoors. With competitive pricing, a wide inventory to choose from, and an easy-to-navigate shopping system, you can find exactly what you need in no time at all. This ensures you get your new pistol quickly, and lets you move on to bigger and better things.

At Omaha Outdoors, we’re more than your average online Glock store. We offer factory Glocks and custom Glocks for those who want to be unique. Whether you want to surprise your significant other with a cerakoted Glock or need a race gun for competition shooting, Omaha Outdoors can help meet your needs. Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for all things Glock.

About Glock

Glock began designing its iconic pistol back in 1979 and completed its initial testing in 1982. It was able to pass a variety of vigorous tests, surprising many shooters around the world. In this year, it was able to become the standard issue pistol for the both the Austrian military and police. Though the polymer frame was the butt of many jokes, it soon became clear that this new pistol design would help to lead the industry as a whole into a new era of firearm design.

The New FBI Model Glock 17M and 19M

Though Glock is still keeping their new model under tight wraps, the contract they have established with the FBI for new standard issue pistols has been well-publicized. Recently, some details have been revealed by early recipients of this firearm, and Glock enthusiasts are sure to be pleased. To begin, the weapon offers a flared magwell design, which should help provide law enforcement officers with a faster reload time. The barrel appears to have updated rifling, likely to provide some tighter groupings. With a longer recoil spring assembly and a tougher finish, the gun demonstrates some serious overhauls. Offering no visible finger grooves, the new Glock 17M also makes for an easier option for those with different hand sizes. It offers am ambidextrous slide release, an updated safety plunger, and includes an extended front lip on the magazines. According to initial impressions, it also delivers a smoother trigger pull.

Popular Glock Handguns

The Glock 17 is the original model and the one that started the industry trend. Its trigger safety and polymer frame both received their fair amount of speculation when they were first revealed, but over the years many competitors have jumped on the train and recognized these features for their shear brilliance. Everything about the weapon was made to endure the toughest conditions and this has been proven time and time again by subjecting the weapon to extreme stress testing. Now in its fourth generation, this 9mm pistol is more ergonomic and reliable than ever.

If you want a compact model pistol, the Glock 19 is a popular option. Also chambered in the popular 9mm, this option cuts off about half an inch in both height and length, making it a bit easier to carry and handle for many shooters. It also loses a couple of ounces of carry weight, which can make a difference for those carrying it on duty. This makes it a great Glock 9mm to select if you want something a little lighter and more discreet.

For those who are looking for a concealed carry option, the Glock 42 is one of the most popular pistols available. This slimline subcompact option is chambered in .380 AUTO, which gives it a great combination of stopping power and recoil control for the concealed carry shooter. It weighs only slightly more than a pound when loaded and holds six rounds in the magazine, making it a great option for those who need a self-defense pistol. Its small frame makes it easy to conceal, and it still offers the unwavering performance you would expect from a Glock.

Many police forces have chosen to start using the Glock 22 as their standard issue pistol. This is because, like the compact Glock 23, it is chambered in .40 S&W, which has been recognized as a more versatile round than the 9mm for police duty use. The 22 / 23 .40 S&W offers a balanced performance profile, featuring more stopping power than a standard 9mm while still giving plenty of control.

Glock Single Stack 9mm

Omaha Outdoors also carries the best Glock single stack pistols. Among this is the new Glock model 43. People have been asking for years to get a single stack 9mm for concealed carry and Glock finally delivered with this excellent option. We work to keep a regular supply in stock to ensure a smooth order process for our customers.

Glock Parts & Accessories

Naturally, we also offer extended Glock bases, night sights, holsters, and much more. With our convenient online storefront, we make it easy to find and select everything you need to outfit your Glock. If there is something you don’t see here, please contact us and see if we are able to help you with it. We pride ourselves in customer service, and part of that requires we meet the regular needs of our shoppers.

Custom Glock Pistols For Sale

Omaha Outdoors also has relationships with custom shops like Agency Arms and ZEV Technologies. This allows you to really customize your new firearm and put it up to exactly the specifications you want. With the right modifications, you can bring your Glock from just being an impressive pistol to be an absolute nail driver. Thanks to our close relationships with these vendors, you can often get this accomplished more quickly than if you tried to go directly through their store fronts.

With Omaha Outdoors, you will never have any trouble finding Glock firearms with the best possible service. This is because we maintain a close relationship with many of the top manufacturers around the world, ensuring that we keep a regular supply of the most popular options available and in stock. With our site’s organization, you are able to sort through the inventory to find exactly the right gun to fit your needs. Looking for a concealed carry pistol? Simply check the box and see all options tagged with that designation. If instead you want a specific caliber, simply check that box and narrow down your search accordingly.

We try to offer the best service possible and timely shipping. If they have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to deliver a weapon that will truly suit your needs.

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