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Glock 20 10mm 15 Round Magazine

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Capacity: 15 RDS
Model: Glock OEM 20
Finish/Color: Black
Caliber: 10mm

The 10mm cartridge has proven to be a great asset for those looking to get a balanced ballistic handgun for hunting. It provides the big bore perform comparable to a .45 but offers much higher accuracy over a distance, which allows it to work well in the field. Of course, it only works if you have enough ammo at the ready. To ensure this is the case, you should keep an extra Glock 20 10mm 15 Round Magazine or two loaded and ready.

Offering shooters 15 more rounds of 10mm ammo in each magazine, these make for the perfect addition when you are looking at a new G20. These magazines are designed by Glock to provide the perfect fit with the powerful full-sized pistol and offer the same durability you would expect. The spring will last a lifetime and continue to provide for a smooth action shot after shot. The indicator on the rear of the mag lets you quickly see how many rounds are loaded.

If you want to make sure your favorite pistol is ready for anything, make sure to pick up some extra magazines to stay on top of the game.


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