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Glock 31 357 Sig 10 Round Magazine

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Capacity: 10 RDS
Model: Glock OEM 31
Finish/Color: Black
Caliber: 357 Sig

One of the best parts of using a full-sized pistol is that you get a much larger magazine capacity than those smaller options. Of course, when you live in a magazine restricted state, you lose this distinct advantage. Still, a full-sized handgun is much more intimidating than the alternative, which is why you still might prefer it for home defense. To compensate for the lower magazine capacity, you should pick up an extra Glock 31 357 Sig 10 Round Magazine so you always have enough ammo at the ready.

Built with the demanding standards set out by Glock, this magazine is tough enough to put up with anything you might encounter. It uses an indicator on the rear of the slide that allows you to track how many rounds are still in the magazine. To account for local restrictions, it holds only 10 rounds of .357 Sig ammo, making it easy to buy without worrying about local limits.

When you are looking for more magazines for your G31 but need to mind local magazine restrictions, this OEM option is the best out there to ensure you get the performance you need.


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