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Glock 35 Gen 4 MOS 40 S&W 15 RDS 5.32" Handgun

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Product Features


Plastic Gun Case


Safe Action

Barrel Length:







Black Polymer

Capacity: 15 RDS
Model: G35 Gen4 MOS
Finish/Color: Black
Caliber: 40 S&W

Are you just looking to start out in the world of competitive shooting? Do you want a weapon you can trust to perform no matter what tests you put it through? Do you need that unrivaled reliability that only comes from a name like Glock? If this is what you need, the Glock G35 Gen4 MOS 40 SW comes ready to perform right out of the box, ensuring you can always shoot at your absolute best.

With 15 rounds of .40 S&W ammo at your disposal, this handgun makes for an excellent competition shooter. It features the famous Glock reliability and durable design, its polymer frame ensuring it can stand up to anything. The “safe action” system provides point and shoot accuracy that you can trust to keep you right on target every time. Using new technology, it also offers a specially texturized grip and interchangeable backstraps to provide the best hold on the weapon.

Of course, the real reason people turn to this model is for the modular optic system (MOS), which provides for a simple way to attach any of the most popular red dot sights. This system includes an adapter plate set, which offers 4 different plates to cover all bases. The basic oo plate is just there as a good place holder, allowing you to stick with those standard Glock factory sights. The most versatile 01 plate will actually allow you to use a Doctor, Insight, Meopta, or EOTech red dot. More limited, the 02 is compatible only with the Trijicon RMR. Similarly, the 03 will take your favorite C-More optic while the 04 is only intended for a Leupold Delta Point sight. In any case, installation is as easy as tightening a few screws and you can get back on target.

When you are looking for a .40 S&W that comes ready to perform at the range, this G35 is the place to turn.


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