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Fowler Industries Mark 3 For Sale - Buy Fowler Industries Mark 3

Perhaps the perfect way to get started in competition, the Fowler Industries Mark 3 pistol is built with precision in mind. Competing at any level can be nerve-racking, especially if you modified the weapon on your own. After all, your performance in the field not only reflects on your own ability to shoot but also on your ability to create the right competitive setup. Despite this, factory models simply won’t cut it if you want to compete with the most accurate and consistent shooters out there today. Instead, it is expected that you will outfit your weapon with some no-nonsense upgrades. Of course, one of the best ways to give yourself an automatic advantage is to build around a platform that was intended for competition use to begin with. With the introduction of their extended slide models, Glock opened the door for competitors to do just that. Naturally, you would want to do some work to the base models, but what if you could purchase a competition-ready handgun built around one of these platforms and already fully customized for your use? Whether you are competing with the 9mm Glock 34 or a .40 S&W Glock 35, the Fowler Industries Mark 3 pistol is the perfect way to take your performance to the next level and ensure you always hit your mark.

Why Use the G34 or G35?

If you have used a G34 or G35 before, you already understand how these models offer some benefits over the typical handgun for a competition, especially if it is a Gen 4 model you are using. To begin with, they rely on the signature Glock “safe action” system, which means no pesky external safety and a truly easy point and shoot platform. It is also made with a durable polymer frame and features an easily customizable platform. Add in the extended slide and extra-long barrel and you have an accurate and well-balanced platform for hitting your mark. Starting with the slide, the Fowler Industries Mark 3 looks to work with these aspects and improve upon them in every way. They begin with three window cuts, one on the top front and one on both the left and right side of the slide. Front slide serrations are added on both sides and the top as well, effectively ensuring a smoother performance. Next, they include mass reduction cuts throughout the length of the slide, further reducing the weight. A polished steel guide rod with a 17 lb. recoil spring replaces the factory option for superior muzzle control after each shot and internals are polished for more reliability in the field.

Shooting a Fowler Industries Mark 3

Once you shoot your Mark 3 for the first time, you will immediately notice how smooth it is. The attention to detail is hard to find in the industry today and the slide moves along like butter, allowing for exceptional performance every time. Moving beyond the slide, this is accomplished with a barrel that is a match fit to the weapon. It uses offset box fluting to help dissipate heat and ensure you get the most consistent performance. Using a recessed crown and chamfered muzzle, it comes with a standard black nitride finish to match the slide. Looking specifically at the frame, Fowler Industries continues its work by adding a proprietary ENT stippling around the entire frame. The trigger guard receives a radiused double undercut to provide for more grip options and a grip plug is added for improved balance. With an enhanced pin set and a 4.5-5 lb. match connector, it completes the weapon ready for action at your next competition.

Other Fowler Industries Upgrades to Consider

If you are preparing for a competition, there is no doubt that these upgrades will help you perform at your best. In addition to these, you might also want to explore Omaha Outdoors and see if there are other parts you might need. Perhaps you need to pick up a few extra factory Glock magazines to ensure you get the smooth cycling at the range. Beyond those upgrades already included, Fowler Industries has also announced plans to release a flat faced trigger, which you might also want to purchase separately and install for your own extra customization. Otherwise, you can also pick up all those shooting essentials you might need. Regardless of what competition you are preparing for, a Fowler Industries Mark 3 pistol is the perfect firearm to have at your side. Built around the Glock 34 or Glock 35 platform and featuring a host of competitive upgrades, it will all but ensure your success at the range. When you shop with Omaha Outdoors, you can order this item with the utmost confidence. If you have any questions about whether this is the right gun for you or you need help finding any other parts, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Otherwise, just place your order below and get ready to receive your new firearm.


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