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Designed with the competitive shooter in mind, the Fowler Industries Mark 2 pistol is sure to tighten up your groupings whenever you are at the range. As a shooter, one of the best ways to continuously improve your abilities and test them against your peers is to compete. Even if you aren’t at the professional level yet, the more competitions you can enter, the better you can perfect your skills and improve your accuracy. Of course, if you want to have the best chance of victory, you want to ensure you have a custom firearm that is ready to keep up with you. On the other hand, not everyone who shoots wants to compete, but perhaps you still have found that your current handgun leaves little room for improvement. When you spend enough time practicing with your weapon, you will find that you start to push the limits of its abilities. Instead of settling in and thinking you simply can’t get any better, discover that a customized pistol can help you take the next step in your development. Whether you are actually interested in competition or you simply want an accurate target pistol to take to the range, this Fowler Industries Mark 2 handgun is sure to perform.

Built Around the Legendary Glock Performance

Fowler Industries selected the Glock as their platform to modify for a variety of reasons. First, its simplistic design strategy makes it easy to modify and allows for a variety of great upgrades. Second, the durable polymer frame is ideal for competition as it is already lightweight and well balanced. Third, there are few weapons as popular and familiar as the Glock and its “safe action” system affords point and shoot accuracy like few others. With upgrades offered for most of the major Glock models, including the G26, G27, G33, G19, G23, G32, G17, G22, and G31, a Fowler Industries Mark 2 package can be used on your Gen 3 or Gen 4 pistol to really unlock your full potential. One of the first objectives at Fowler Industries is to ensure that the slide can be better matched to the frame. As such, they start by applying a variety of weight reduction cuts throughout the slide. They even add in front slide serrations and include top and side windows to cut back the weight further. Naturally, these windows also help to dissipate heat. Standard, the slide comes topped with lock back rear sights and a plain black front. The slide is powered by a 17 lb. recoil spring and a polished steel guide rod, further improving balance and helping to control muzzle flip.

Features of the Fowler Industries Mark 2

Moving right along, the barrel is match fit to the slide, ensuring exceptional performance and smooth cycling. Its offset box fluting means an even lighter weight and better balance, but it also means greater heat dissipation for additional accuracy over time. With a recessed crown and chamfered muzzle, you can always rely on this barrel to deliver consistent accuracy. In fact, you will notice that every aspect of the slide is done with amazing attention to detail and it works smoother than most Glock modifications on the market today. Getting down to the frame, the Fowler Industries Mark 2 continues to receive A-level attention. It features proprietary ENT stippling all around the body to offer superior grip. The trigger guard uses a radiused double undercut and Gen 3 models receive a mag release scallop for easier operations. All of this is kept together with a Fowler Industries Enhanced Glock Pin Set (EGPS). As an added effort to keep the weapon balance right, a grip plug is included in the frame as well.

Get Ready for All Your Competitions

If you are a competitive shooter, you can be sure that this handgun will help up your game. On the other hand, there is also a long list of other items you might need to pick up to prepare for what lies ahead. To begin with, Fowler Industries does plan on releasing a flat faced trigger to be sold separately, which you might opt to pick up when it is available online. Otherwise, you might also want to browse through the other categories here at Omaha Outdoors and search for all those essentials you need to stay at the top of your game. Whether you are just picking up a new Fowler Industries Mark 2 handgun or you also need to grab some of this other gear, shopping with Omaha Outdoors ensures you have everything you need in a timely fashion. Our fast shipping speeds help to provide you with the assurance you need to know the items will arrive quickly. Perhaps even more important, our dedicated customer service team has earned a powerful reputation within the industry today and is able to provide you with the individual attention and service you need to take care of business right away. So give us a call with questions or place your order below. Either way, we look forward to serving you and delivering your new competition handgun.


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