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Fowler Industries Mark 1 For Sale - Buy Fowler Industries Mark 1

If you are looking for a custom-made carry handgun, the Fowler Industries Mark 1 is the perfect place to turn. In a world filled with mass production and uniform designs, it is sometimes hard to understand the benefits of a custom-made item. After all, mass produced options are almost always less expensive, which means you are more easily able to afford them and continue buying other products you want as well. On the other hand, a competitive shooter understands that mass production models simply won’t cut it. Instead, he looks for a weapon that was designed not only for durability, but also for reliability and uncanny accuracy. While a custom handgun might be sought after most often by competitive shooters, the truth is that those who are serious about self-defense can benefit just as much. In recent years, a variety of custom manufacturers have begun to build handguns designed with concealed or open carry in mind, mixing in those competitive features with no-nonsense and streamlined upgrade for the everyday carry experience. So, whether you are looking to upgrade your existing carry weapon or just starting to carry and wanting something you can trust with your life, the Fowler Industries Mark 1 pistol is the perfect gun to turn towards.

Built with Reliability in Mind

You might already be familiar with how trusted the standard Glock platform is, but with a Fowler Industries Mark 1 upgrade, you will never think of reliability the same way again. Using the Glock for its durable polymer frame and “safe action” system, virtually all of the key components are improved upon in this package to deliver the absolute best reliability. Available for most Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock models including: G26, G27, G33, G19, G23, G32, G17, G22, and G31, this offers everything you need to perform at your best. The slide is where much of the magic starts and it begins with the various mass reduction cuts along the side. Pyramid rear serrations are added to the top of the slide and angled front serrations complement this addition for superior gripping when you need to cock the gun. Though the slide is topped with lock back serrated rear sights and a plain front sight, you might also want to consider the integral Trijicon RMR cut, which allows you to mount your RMR on the 6061 aluminum cover plate with ease. After completing the slide upgrades, it receives a black oxide finish to seal it from the elements.

The Street-Ready Fowler Industries Mark 1

Internally, the steel guide rod is polished and powered by a 17 lb. recoil spring, ensuring smooth performance with every shot you fire. With a lightened striker spring and additional internal polishing on the plunger and plunger pocket, you get some of the most reliable performance available today. The barrel receives its own attention as well, including a recessed crown and chamfered muzzle for total reliability during cycling. The offset box fluting keeps weight and heat to a minimum while the match fitting to the slide ensures a perfect fit and repeat performance. Working with the factory Glock frame, the Fowler Industries Mark 1 receives proprietary ENT 360 stippling, affording shooters the ability to grasp their gun no matter how intense the situation. A grip plug is added to further improve balance and the right and left frame flats are also texturized for a better grip. Add in the radiused double undercut on the trigger guard and you quickly can see how well this gun is suited for use as your daily carry.

Always Ready to Perform

In addition to these standard upgrades, you might also want to consider getting a flat face trigger, which is an a la carte upgrade Fowler Industries promises to release down the road. Even if you prefer to stick to the standard trigger upgrade, you will want to spend some time looking around Omaha Outdoors for the other parts you need. We offer holsters, extra magazines, ammunition, and all of the other shooting essentials you need to make sure your carry experience proceeds without issue. This way, you can pick up everything you need in one place and travel wherever you go with peace of mind. Whether you have been carrying your entire life or you are just now looking to pick up your first carry weapon, this Fowler Industries Mark 1 handgun is the perfect weapon to choose. Similarly, shopping at Omaha Outdoors is the best choice you can make for a variety of reasons. First, you can trust in our customer service team to help you when you need it, so if you have any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Second, the convenience of shopping online is hard to match and you can get all you need at once. Finally, our shipping speeds are number one in the industry, so you can trust that your weapon will arrive at your chosen FFL with haste.


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