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FN Herstal (FNH) SLP For Sale - Buy FN Herstal (FNH) SLP

When you are looking for a powerful and reliable shotgun to have on hand, the FN SLP is the perfect place to start. A good shotgun can have plenty of applications in the right hands. A tactical operator can use it as an effective breech weapon, allowing him to operate with confidence that his primary weapon is ready for action. In home defense, an individual can use it to keep his or her family safe from harm. Even competitive shooters have use for a good shotgun. With that in mind, companies like FN Herstal provide a variety of different shotgun configurations to suit all of your individual needs. At Omaha Outdoors, we realize how different shooters sometimes need different models. With this knowledge, we offer our customers access to a wide assortment of the best shotguns on the market today. Among those shotguns, the FN SLP may be just the type of weapon you are looking for to ensure your greatest chance of success.

Starting with the FN SLP

Using an active valve gas system, the FN SLP enters the industry as an impressive testament to manufacturing, which is likely why it won the 2009 Shotgun of the Year award the year after it was released. Its gas-operated action and two-piece bolt provide smooth functioning in the field, allowing for unwavering reliability. The receiver is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide for a solid foundation and ensure that it can take abuse in the field. Meanwhile, the top-mounted rail will let you affix whatever optics you need. It comes standard with a high profile ghost ring rear and wing protected front sight. The barrel used is 18” overall and uses a 3” chamber to load most standard 12 gauge shells without issue. With a Standard Invector and interchangeable choke tubes, you can get the spread pattern you need based on the application at hand. Ready to hold 6 shells in the magazine tube and equipped with a non-slip recoil pad, it provides exceptional performance for the modern shooter. Alternatively, the SLP MK1 is another option which swaps out the top rail for a Weaver-style rail. It also swaps out the sights to include a folding rear blade and red fiber optic front sight.

A Model Built for Tactical Performance

Sticking with the same barrel, magazine tube, and 3” chamber, the Tactical SLP may be the better choice for your intended purposes. The SLP Tactical mostly sticks to the standard SLP configuration, but includes interchangeable recoil pads and comb inserts to provide for a more customized experience. It also features a forward-mounted tri-rail system, which makes affixing other accessories a real breeze. The sights and other features remain the same, but if you prefer the folding rear and fiber optic front, you can also consider the Tactical SLP MK1. This uses the tactical upgrades, but features the same MK1 changes as the base model.

Ready to Help You Win That Competition

If you are interested in competition, the SLP Competition model actually makes some significant changes. This starts on the outside with a blue hard anodized receiver, giving it a distinct look while protecting the barrel from rust. It features the same operating system, but works with either 2 ¾” or 3” 12 gauge loads for reliable accuracy. The 3” shells offer a 7-round capacity, while the 2 ¾” allows for 8 rounds. The receiver uses an enlarged ejection port to ensure that the weapon cycles smoothly every time. Meanwhile, it features an extended 24” barrel to ensure you get the most accuracy out of the weapon. Its low-profile flip up rear sight and fiber optic front sight provide great accuracy with every shot you take.

Shopping Online for the Best Experience

In addition to picking up your new FN Herstal shotgun, you might want to spend some time checking out what else Omaha Outdoors has to offer. Our large inventory of shooting and outdoor products can help you complete many of those items on your shopping list, so take the time to see what we have. From extra ammunition and range bags to cleaning supplies, shooting safety gear, and tactical accessories, we can provide for everything you need in one place. Since our storefront utilizes the most advanced shopping features, we allow you to sort through these items based on a variety of factors and quickly find just what you need. Ultimately, the FN SLP can be a valuable addition to your collection. If you have any questions about which model best suits your needs or you need help finding something else on our site, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our dedicated service team is here throughout the week to help you find everything you need. When you are ready, simply place your order below and we will take care of the rest. We look forward to serving you and sending your new items directly.


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