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FN Herstal (FNH) FNX For Sale - Buy FN Herstal (FNH) FNX Online

When you are after a high quality firearm to get the job done, the FN Herstal FNX is sure to be an exceptional choice. Whether for home defense, competition, or tactical applications, the guns you choose can make a huge difference in the outcome during any given situation. There are plenty of different types of guns out there, ranging from specialized rifles to general purpose handguns, hunting shotguns, and everything in between. Typically, any single gun owner looks to get a variety of these weapons for their own use. If a handgun is currently what you are after, it makes sense that FN Herstal is one of the companies you consider. In the last few decades, this innovative company has continued to provide law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters with some of the best guns on the market. This is because they produce reliable and accurate weapons, often offering advanced features that can improve your overall experience and help you stay on target. Among the various models that FN Herstal produces, you might consider the FNX as a great entry-level handgun to ensure you can stay right on target.

Inspecting the FN FNX Pistol

Like most FN model pistols, the FNX starts out the offering with ambidextrous controls. This means a decocking/safety lever, slide stop, and magazine release that any shooter can use. It is powered by a polished, nickel-coated steel magazine with a low-friction follower and a polymer base pad to keep it flush to the frame. As you would expect, the frame is made from a high-performance polymer material, making it tough enough to take a beating. It uses two interchangeable backstraps to help you find the most comfortable grip module to fit your needs. With an integrated 1913 accessory rail, you can affix whatever type of accessories you need for success in the field. The slide is manufactured from stainless steel and features both front and rear cocking serrations. It uses an external extractor with a loaded chamber indicator. Its cold hammer-forged barrel offers precision rifling for superior accuracy and features a polished chamber and feed ramp for reliable operations. Topped with 3-dot sights, you should have no problem staying on target when the need comes to use it.

Taking a Deeper Look

Before selecting your go-to pistol, you might be interested in looking more at the specifications of the gun. The FNX-9 is chambered in 9mm and features a 4” barrel to deliver accurate shots. It comes with a standard 17-round magazine and an optional 10-round. Empty, it weighs in at 21.9 ounces and overall the gun measures 7.4” long. Next, the FNX-40 is chambered in .40 S&W. It uses a 14-round or optional 10-round magazine and features a 4” barrel to offer consistent accuracy. Empty, it weighs in at a light 24.4 ounces and overall it measures 7.4”. Finally, the FNX-45 uses a 15-round or optional 10-round magazine and shoots through a 4.5” barrel. Overall, it weighs 33.2 ounces empty and measures 7.4” long. Regardless of which model you choose, the pistol operates using a single/double action system, giving you the choice.

Try the FN FNX Tactical Model

Chambered in .45 ACP and featuring some sensible improvements, the FNX Tactical Model is another option to consider. It uses a 5.3” threaded barrel with a .578x28 right hand pattern. It comes standard with 3-dot night sights so you can operate in low-light situations without any challenge. These sights are raised to suppressor height, ensuring you can use that threaded barrel for its intended purpose and get the best accuracy every time. It also includes two different mounting bases, which allow you to use optional red dot sights to help with point-and-shoot accuracy during your next operation.

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