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FN Herstal (FNH) Five-seveN For Sale - Buy FN Herstal (FNH) Five-seveN Online

While the primary weapon you carry into battle is usually going to be a rifle, most combat forces around the world understand that a good sidearm can make the difference when push comes to shove. In the United States, the standard military sidearms have changed throughout history and many specialized forces actually have their own standards that might differ from the larger units. When selecting the right handgun to assign their troops, military and law enforcement agencies go through a lot of factors trying to determine which weapon will best fit the purpose. Of course, the major shortcoming for most pistols on the modern battlefield is that they fail to provide the penetration necessary to deal with enemy body armor. This means that carrying a pistol into battle can often provide little backup when your main weapon runs out of ammo. With its unique chambering, the FN Five-seveN is the perfect sidearm for just this purpose. Designed with an innovative caliber to deal with NATO’s call for a more penetrating handgun, this model stood apart from the competition right off the bat. Offering a regular inventory of these guns, Omaha Outdoors makes shopping for your next battle pistol a breeze.

Set Yourself Apart with an FN Five-seveN

When it comes to penetration, you won’t find any pistols out there that really provide the kind of power offered by the Five-seveN. Chambered in the modern 5.7x28mm cartridge, this caliber is one of the reasons that FN Herstal has become such a significant company in the industry today. Of course, while the caliber choice is definitely a big part, it wouldn’t mean much if the gun it shoots from didn’t take care of business as well. The Five-seveN starts things out with a steel slide, which features a polymer cover to keep the internals safe from the elements. This cover features front and rear cocking serrations, making it easy to operate under pressure in the field. Its barrel is cold hammer-forged stainless steel and features a chrome-lined chamber and bore to ensure that it can stand up against corrosion. In addition to the precision rifling in the barrel, the firearm is equipped with 3-dot sights, which provide the best accuracy in the field. Moving to the frame, the gun uses a polymer construction that is tough enough to stand up to serious abuse. It offers a checkered grip and ergonomic construction that helps keep you focused right on target. The serrated trigger guard ensures you can maintain an aggressive hold on the firearm, while the integral 1913 accessory rail allows you to affix a flashlight or laser without issue.

An Impressive Feat of Engineering

Beyond these standard features, the FN Five-seveN is also loaded with some other helpful qualities. It offers a reversible magazine release, which means both left-handed and right-handed shooters can set it up for use. Thanks to the fully ambidextrous safety lever, this makes the firearm ideal for all shooters. The 20-round or optional 10-round magazine both rely on a low-friction follower and use a polymer body and base to ensure that it stays safe from harm. When you consider specifics, the barrel measures 4.8”, which is long enough to provide a great degree of accuracy with the standard cartridge. Overall, the gun measures 8.2” long and weighs 23 ounces while empty. It operates with a single-action system only, providing smooth functioning when you need it.

Keeping Yourself Prepared with the Best FN Products

In addition to the popular Five-seveN, Omaha Outdoors also gives you access to all the shooting essentials you might be looking for. Naturally, you will want to pick up some extra magazines if you hope to have enough ammo at the ready for this weapon. More important than this, you will want to consider picking up a healthy supply of ammunition to keep the gun shooting at its best. Regardless of whether it is essentials like these you are after or other specific firearms, our convenient online storefront was designed to ensure you can take care of everything you need in one place. So, when it comes time to order your new FN Five-seveN, remember that Omaha Outdoors can help. If you have any questions or need help deciding on whether this is the right gun for you, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our dedicated service team is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help with any concerns you might have. Once you are ready, just place your order using our convenient shopping cart features. We look forward to serving you and getting your new handgun out to you with haste.


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